“Things Women Love” Harmonicas

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

Women of all shapes sizes and nationality’s have played the harmonica for years, things women love about the harmonica is it’s a small instrument so it can be carried easily in there purses. it’s a relatively easy instrument to learn basic playing on. I think the tone of a harmonica is something women like also. It doesn’t matter if your in a wheelchair or in another country all bundled up enjoying the sound of a harmonica. Women enjoy listening to and playing a harmonica also. There’s quite a lot of famous women harmonica players past and present.

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6 thoughts on ““Things Women Love” Harmonicas

  1. Great start on the page. I would like to see more information like maybe some references to female harmonica players. I’m sure there must be a few. Doesn’t Bonnie Raitt play the harmonica? I do agree that it being a small instrument that women would be more likely to play it.

    1. Thanks Shannon, for your nice comments on my site. Yes there are female harmonica player’s. I ment to add some female harmonica player’s but got side tracked.I will add some. Thank you for suggestions. Please let me know if I can do anything for you? Have a blessed night!


  2. I would just add a little more information Larry. A thousand words ranks really well with Google. You have a little ways to go to get there. keep working hard and never give up.

    1. Thank you Peter for your comment. I already knew I needed to go back and add to that post. I need to research more stuff to add to it. Which I will very soon.Please come back more to come and adding new stuff all the time?
      Have a blessed day!

  3. Hi Larry,

    Nice site about my favourite instrument! Doesn’t matter who plays it, such a small instrument can provide a huge range of emotions, I think.

    Ever heard Paul Jones (Manfred Mann/The Blues Band)? – he’s amazing. He’s a born-again Christian, and I’m an atheist – but when he plays that harp, well … 🙂

    Can you put something on here about how to bend the notes of the harmonica – I’ve never quite worked it out!

    Great stuff!


    1. Hi Andy, Thank you for your nice comments on my website. No i’ve never heard Paul Jones but i have heard Manfred Man blues band a long time ago I google them on Youtube you can find anything on the internet. Yes I will put something on my website about bending notes it’s all about keeping your mouth relaxed covering most of the harmonica with you mouth covering the top plate with your upper lip turning the harmonica at a angel down where your bottom lip unfolds and drop your jaw and in hale. I hope that helps you out a little more. I’ll still do a post on in and a training video on it for you.

      Please come back and check out my website in the future as I’m alway adding new and exciting content!

      Have a blessed day!


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