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“Most Used Harmonica Microphones”

Hello harmonica Lovers!

I’m going to be talking about harmonica microphones, that are used to amplify a harmonica. The most common used microphone by blues players, is the Shure Green Bullet 520DX Dynamic Harmonica Microphone, to achieve that dirty bluesy sound, that you hear from famous blues players, of the past, and present.

I show a picture of of the, Shure Green Bullet 520DX Harmonica Microphone below.

images-88The only drawback about using the Green Bullet, is as you can see in the picture, it’s a fairly big microphone to hold in your hand, because of the way that it’s constructed, it’s a very heavy microphone, but it’s a quality microphone.

The good thing about the Green Bullet is, it’s constructed very well, and has a special tone, that other harmonica microphones don’t have, because, of the way it was designed.


The Hohner JT30 Astatic Roadhouse Harmonica Microphone, is one of the favorites, for blues players. It gives you that, Dirty Chicago Blues Harp Sound, that all blues players, are trying to create.

The JT30 microphone was used over 50 years ago for public address systems, and Ham radio systems. so it was never designed, for playing a harmonica through it. But blues players figured out, that when they cupped their hand, over the microphone, that it produced a raw honky sound! That’s the sound they were looking for, it then became one the most favorite microphones, for blues harmonica players in the past, and present.

The only drawback about the JT30 microphone, is that it comes with a cord, which limits you, on where you can go with it, unlike wireless harmonica microphones, that are limitless on where you can go .

I use a Green Bullet wired microphone, and a Audix Fireball V wireless microphone, in my performances, both microphones have there purpose, and different sound. The JT30 Astatic Harmonica Microphone, has a completely different sound, from the Shure Green Bullet, and the Audix Fireball V.

The JT30 microphone has a gritty scratchy bluesy sound, because of the way that it was constructed.

here’s some pictures, of the Hohner JT30 Astatic Harmonica microphone. 100089-1images-82


The next harmonica microphones, I’m going to be talking about, are wireless harmonica microphones. That’s what a lot of  harmonica players, are using now, blues players, and other harmonica players are using now. It give you more freedom, on where you can go with it.

When I perform I use a wireless microphone, so that I can go out into the audience, and play to the people, it makes it a lot more personal, than being on a stage, where you’re not able to engage with the audience. The audix fireball v, is the wireless microphone, that I perform with, and prefer, for a more crisp clean sound, instead of the dirty blues sound, depending on what song, and kind of music I’m playing at the time.

Here’s some pictures of some wireless harmonica microphones.             download-49download-51images-12images-78


Have you ever seen any of these, harmonica microphones?

Have you ever used, a harmonica microphone?

What harmonica microphone, do you use?

What harmonica microphone, do you prefer?

Do you prefer a wired harmonica microphone, or a wireless harmonica microphone?

I would love to get your feedback, please leave any comments, or questions below, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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“Best Harmonica Microphone” Review!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!                                                                                            

What I’m going to be talking about is the best harmonica microphone”  for your needs no matter whether it’s your first time looking at harmonicas microphones or you have been using harmonica microphones already for awhile!

Which ones are they?

(3) Best Rated Harmonica Microphones for 2015!   

#1. Shure Green Bullet 520DX

If your looking for  good features that can improve your microphone tone. Then the Shure Green Bullet 520DX would be what your looking for in the overall improved response and adjustable volume control knob.

Features of the Shure Green Bullet 520DX                                                         

1. Small enough to hold in your hand makes it easy to use

 2. Weights only 1.6 pounds

3. Volume control knob that can be easily adjusted at any time while playing.

4. 100 to 5,000 hertz frequency

5. Comes with a built in cord to plug directly into an amp.

6. High impedance


  • Lots of Features
  • Full Customization
  • Really Good Soundstock-photo-445060-harmonica-mic
  • Compact Size
  • Good Price


  • Uncomfortable Grip
  • Has a Cord
  • Not Wireless Compatible


“Personal Preference”

Each Microphone can be used for different applications of playing the harmonica it all depends on the kind of music the harmonica player is playing and interested in using it for.

So I believe it’s all Personal Preference!

If you would like more information on the Shure Green bullet 520DX Mic.

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#2. Audix FireBall V

This microphone is the state of art when it comes to harmonica microphones. It’s designed so not to distort sound at all perfect for live performances and recording. The Fireball V is a light weight clear crisp sounding microphone that can be used with a wireless setup.

Features of the Audix FireBall V

1. Lightweight half the weight of the Shure Green Bullet 520DX

2. Built in volume control easy to adjust while performing

3. No feed back or distortion

4. Used for live studios

5. Wireless capabilities

6. Used for music recording

7. Used in Beat box harmonica


  • High quality design
  • Sound quality excellentcefa87397fe0bd7c81d359e1635bf5c1
  • Comfortable in your hand
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Studio quality
  • Recording quality


  • Priced a little higher than other harmonica microphones


The Audix FireBall V is one of my personal favorites.

I have been performing live shows with this harmonica microphone for the last 5yrs once I discovered this incredible microphone! It does everything it claims to do and more!

I would highly recommend the Audix FireBall V!

If you would like some more information on the Audix FireBall V

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Please leave any comments or questions below and I will reply.

#3. Astatic JT30

This microphone is a good all around microphone used in Jazz or Blues great for recording produces a clear distinct sound. This is a good place to start for someone that is learning about harmonica microphones. Competitive price being a favorite of harmonica players looking for a universal microphone.

Astatic JT30 is designed by Hohner great for recording music specializing in Jazz.

Features of the Astatic JT30

1. Competitive Price

2. Lightweight 1.4lbs

3. Male adapter included to plug into amp

4. Replica of the original Astatic Mics


  •  Fits good in your hand
  • Lightweightdownload (5)
  • No feed back
  • Great for recording
  • Great Price
  • Looks Good


  •  No Wireless capabilities
  •  Harmonica players that know a lot about harmonica microphones this is probably not for you


The Astatic JT30 microphone is a very good microphone for the price and quality it’s well worth the buy for the harmonica player that’s looking for a good well rounded harmonica microphone

If you would like some more information on the Astatic JT30 please contact me personally for pricing and availability?

I Personally Own all 3 Harmonica Microphones and have used them all in live performances at one time or another. There all great harmonica microphones! But my Personal Favorite and I am using it at the present, in my live performances is the Audix FireBall V because of it’s wireless capabilities. I’m able to go into the audience and play my harmonica directly to them which seems to go over really big with the audience. It’s like there in the Show!

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One of the Best “Hohner Harmonicas”

“Hello Harmonica Lovers”

(Hohner Harmonicas)

Like me if you’re looking for a great harmonica at a great price hohner harmonicas are one of best brands out there and one of the most trusted by harmonica lovers all over the world. Some of the most famous harmonica players in the world play hohner harmonicas I have some examples of some of the most well-known players in the world that play hohner harmonicas listed below.

Hohner Marine Band

    • Little Walter- Blues Harmonica
    • John Popper- Rock & Blues Harmonica
    • Charlie McCoy- Country & Blues Harmonica
    • Charlie Musselwhite – Blues Harmonica
    • Paul Butterflied- Blues, Rock & Jazz Fusion Harmonica
    • Bob Dylan- Folk Harmonica
    • Neil Young Folk Harmonica
    • Stevie Wonder- Jazz Chromatic Harmonica

    There are other brands of harmonicas like the Lee Oskar, Suzuki, Seydel  and Huang harmonicas. You will be able to find these products, services, accessories and online courses here on my website.

    Have you ever heard of hohner harmonicas?

    Have you ever played an hohner harmonica?

    Have you ever owned an hohner harmonica?

    Would you consider purchasing a harmonica through my website?

    I would love to get your feedback on this please leave any comments or questions below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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