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Harmonica MasterClass (Rob Paparozzi)

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Rob Paparozzi”? 

Who is Rob Paparozzi?

He was born in 1952′ in New Jersey as Robert Steven “Rob” Paparozzi and is still alive today performing at age (64) with his band “Psychotic Blues Band.”

Rob Paparozzi is well known in the harmonica world as a Grammy nominated American harmonica player who plays blues and blues rock who also sings along with being a session harmonica player of all styles blues, rock, jazz, classical, folk, pop, funk and country and records on CD’s and commercials.

Rob Paparozzi was first in interested in the harmonica in the 1960s’ when he heard Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and the Beatles with harmonica in their music on the radio.

Then he heard Paul Butterfield playing the harmonica like it was a Saxophone or a Horn in his band called “Paul Butterfield Blues Band”  which really made Rob Paparozzi want to learn to play the harmonica and make him the Harmonica MasterClass he is today.

So, how come you’ve probably never heard of Rob Paparozzi?

That would be because he primarily played in the New Jersey area he did get to open with his band called the “Psychotic Blues Band” several times for “Bruce Springsteen” in New Jersey.

He is also a member of the Original Blues Brother’s Band and lead singer for the famous band called “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

In the 1960s’  Rob Paparozzi was interested in the sound of the harmonica when he heard Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and the Beatles music that had harmonica in it on his radio.

But he really wanted to learn to plat the  harmonica when he heard Paul Butterfield playing the harmonica like it was a Saxophone or a Horn in his band the “Paul Butterfield Blues Band.”

Rob Paparozzi also has another band called “The Hudson River Rats” and have cut a couple of CD’s in 1994′ and 1999.’

In 2009′ Rob Paparozzi did a solo CD named “Etruscan Soul” Rob Paparozzi is consider one of the Harmonica MasterClass players of all time and has toured with great performers like George Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Dolly Parton, Judy Collins, Whitney Houston and many more…..

Rob Paparozzi has toured with a lot of different artist and styles of music which you can see by all the artist named above.

In 2017′ Rob Paparozzi is currently performing with his band called “Psychotic Blues Band”

Rob Paparozzi started out playing a $2 Hohner Marine Band key of C but when he realized that you have to have different harmonicas for all 12 keys he learned how to play the Chromatic harmonicaand learned all different styles of harmonica from blues to jazz to classical.

Rob Paparozzi & Toots Tillman

Here’s a picture of “Rob Paparozzi” with famous harmonica player “Toot Tillman.”






Here’s a video of Rob Paparozzi 


Here’s a video of Rob Paparozzi and “The Husdon River Rats”

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