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Hello Harmonica Lovers!

(Harmonica lessons) “Where do I Start”

Hello harmonica Lovers, harmonica lessons are a very interesting  and broad subject. There’s a lot to choose from starting with simple books that are very informative and cost effective you can get them from your local retailer or online through my website right here>harmonica books some examples would be”Harmonica for Dummies” by Winslow Yerxa  $17.99 or Harmonica for Beginners kit 64 page book, (10) hole harmonica & Instructional CD for $9.01. Books come in different styles of harmonica Playing like Blues, Country, Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz & Classical. Online courses can be accessed for “Free” Through different Instructors a couple of examples would be JP Allen and Howard Levy  or you can purchase more in depth courses on online to further your skills. You can also choose to have an Professional Instructor teach you 1 on 1 which is probably one of the fastest ways to learn but not as cost effective here’s an earlier post i did on harmonica lessons what’s hot & what’s not that you can check uot here>Harmonica Lesson! 



Hohner Kids PL-106 Musical Toys Play and Learn Harmonica
Harmonica For Dummies

Here’s an offer on a Amazon gift card you can purchase through my website and use it for yourself or purchase something through amazon for someone else. 

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