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Great harmonica players like “Charlie McCoy” known for Country Harp!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

“Charlie McCoy”

I’m going to be talking about one of the great harmonica players  who is know for country harp but also plays a lot of different styles of harmonica in addition to that he also plays the guitar, Bass and trumpet his name is “Charlie McCoy” who was born Charles Ray “Charlie” McCoy on March 28 1941′ and is still performing today.

Early in Charlie McCoy’s childhood he lived in Miami, Florida with his family his mother bought him a harmonica for a gift for 50 cents Charlie started playing it at age 8 along with the guitar, Bass and trumpet he went on to pursue a career in music.

Charlie McCoy’s first band was a  rock band he played guitar and sang the name of the band was”Charlie McCoy and the Agendas.” When he was 16 years old a friend of his and him went to a Country barn dance radio show called the “Old South Jamboree” in Miami, Florida Charlie’s friend talked to the host of the show about Charlie McCoy performing that night which he did and it went so well Charlie and his rock band got signed to the “Old South Jamboree” the band then went on to enter a rock n roll contest and ended up coming in first place. When Charlie was 18 years old Mel Tillis invited him to Nashville Tennessee in 1959 to future his career he went  to recording companies and producers to promote his music but came up empty handed.

Charlie was devastated when he didn’t get a recording contract in Nashville so he went back to Miami, Florida an enrolled at Miami University and pursued music education as his major and decided to become a music teacher while he was still performing at the “Old South Jamboree.” Charlie McCoy still wanted to pursue a career in music so he went to work as a drummer for the John Ferguson band he had go out and buy a drum set to join them the band didn’t last long and before to long he found himself unemployed for a month until he joined the Stonewall Jackson band as a drummer.

Charlie received  a call from “Jim Denney” a booking agent and told him that Cadence Records had listen to his tape and wanted to sign him Charlie was ecstatic when he heard that Charlies’s first single was cut “Cherry Berry Wine” it reached 99 on the Billboard charts in Nashville.  Jim Denny told Charlie to keep playing the harmonica and do demo sessions.

In 1961 “Chet Atkins” heard Charlies MCcoy’s demo tape and hired him right away. Charlie’s first recorded harmonica song was “I Just Don’t Understand” by Ann Margret for RCA records then another lable heard about Charlie McCoy’s harmonica playing and he played harmonica for the “Roy Orbison band” on the song “Cand Man” it was a million dollar seller Charlie became very ppopular as a studio harmonica player and his album “Good Time Charlie” was No. 1 on the Billboard country charts in 1970’s.

Charlie McCoy did over 400 studio sessions a year he also won 2 CMA Awards  and 7 ACM Awards. Charlie went on to play for other acts such as Johnny Cash, Steve Miller band, Perry Como, Joan Baez, Elvis Presley, Ringo Starr and more.

Charlie McCoy started out playing the Marine Bands and the Hohner Old Standby harmonicas which you can see a description, pricing and purchase them right here through my website and Amazon.

Charlie McCoy’s Custom Harmonica                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Here’s a video of Charlie McCoy  playing 2 harmonicas on “Orange Blossom Special”

Have you ever seen Charlie McCoy?

Have you ever heard Charlie McCoy?

Did you know that Charlie played more than the harmonica?

Have you ever heard Orange Blossom Special by Charlie McCoy?

Did you know that he plays 2 harmonicas on the song Orange blossom Special?

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Country Blues Harmonica!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

I’m going to be talking about country blues harmonica and when it’s used and who uses it. Country Blues is acoustic guitar driven blues accompanied by the harmonica became called (folk blues) and targeted the audience of the white college age population. Then in the 1960s soul, rhythm and blues came on the scene and blues harmonica players like Sonny Boy Williams 11 now became known as folk blues artist. Another country blues harmonica player named “Sonny Terry” performed with a guitar player named “Brownie McGhee” and toured the folk festival circuit calling themselves (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee).

There are a lot of different styles of country blues harmonica just to a name a few would-be Memphis blues, Texas blues, West Coast blues, Swamp blues, Delta blues, Kansas City blues, and hill country blues and more.

Country Blues Harmonica is different from Country Harmonica the difference between the two are that in Country Blues Harmonica you are playing in the “Cross Harp Position” using a lot of lower end bend on the harmonica drawing with your breath on holes 1-6 and in Country Harmonica you’re playing in the “Straight Harp Position” using a lot of melodies and blow notes and your bends are usually at the  upper end of the harmonica holes 7-10 drawing in with your breath I wrote an earlier post on different positions on the harmonica that you can access here>Harmonica Beginners!

Here is a list of a couple of Country Blues harmonica players!

    • Deford Bailey (born December 14th 1899 – July 2nd 1982) he was an early blues country harmonica player from Tennessee.
    • John Cephas (born September 4th 1930- March 4th 2009) He was a singer, guitar player and harmonica player in the Piedmont blues style.
    • Little Buddy Doyle (March 20 1911- ?) he was a Memphis blues style and country blues harmonica player who was a singer, harmonica and guitar player.
    • Sonny Boy nelson (born December 23rd 1908- November 4th 1998) he played a lot of different instruments like the banjo, harmonica, guitar, mandolin and the violin.
  • Here’s a video of “Country Blues Harmonica” that you can hear and see below.

The harmonica being used in this video is a Hohner Marine Band Crossover that you can purchase and see here>Hohner Crossover 

Have you ever heard Country Harmonica?

Have you ever heard of Country Blues Harmonica?

Have ever heard any of the Country Blues Harmonica players I listed?

Have you ever played Country Blues Harmonica?

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The Care of your Harmonica!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

(Take Care of your Harmonica)

I’m going to be talking about harmonica maintenance taking care of your harmonica so that it performs better and is clean inside and out to be able to give you a long enjoyable time with your harmonica. It also allows you to not have to replace your harmonicas so quickly. Just like other wind instruments harmonicas get moisture in them which can create a problem when playing them it also can create rust on the outside cover plate. The best way to keep your harmonica clean while playing it is to tap your harmonica on your hand to get the moisture out then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Always store your harmonicas in a case the best cases are hard cases to protect your harmonica from the weather and from dropping it and keeping it from dust. If you look into a single case for your harmonica you can choose the one you need they come in hard and soft style if you need a case for more than one harmonica you might want to look into cases for harmonicas in different sizes and styles which can store 12 diatonic a couple of larger harmonicas and even a your microphone it’s a smart investment.

Here’s a picture of a couple of harmonica cases that mentioned above!

Harmonica Case (Hard Style) holds 12 diatonic harmonicas and one Chromatic harmonica
Harmonica Case (Soft Style) ‘holds one diatonic harmonica

Avoid extreme temperatures if you’re using wood comb harmonicas as they are susceptible to temperature change subjected to shrinking and swelling. Plastic combs are more tolerant to weather and temperatures and have a longer lifespan than the wood combs. Avoid excessive moisture (NEVER DUNK YOUR HARMONICAS INTO WATER, BEER OR ANY KIND OF LIQUID!) Even if it’s a plastic comb harmonica it can rust the reed plates, reeds, bolts and screws. Avoid dust and any other particles in your harmonicas dust can interfere with the movement of the reed making it sound different. Never eat and play your harmonicas food particles can clog up your harmonica. Avoid the Beach if possible salty air can cause rust on your reeds which shortens the lifespan of the harmonica.

Routine Cleaning: After playing your harmonica shake it a little bit and tap it against the palm of your hand to knock the moisture out of it wipe it off with a clean soft cloth. Every so often use rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to clean the cover plates and mouthpiece

Heavy Cleaning: 1: Lay a towel down remove cover plate screws some cover plates use Phillips head screws and some use Flat head screws use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws from the cover plates “don’t lose the screws.” Spray both sides of the cover plates with rubbing alcohol then wipe with a clean soft cloth.
2: Remove reed plates: remove screws from the reed plates and place in a safe place for reassembly.

3: Soak the reed plates: soak the reed plates in a solution of warm water and vinegar or lemon juice let soak for a half hour.

4: Clean the comb: while the red plates are soaking clean the comb with soap & water if it’s a plastic comb use a soft toothbrush to remove the deposits off the comb. You can also spray the comb with rubbing alcohol and brush it with a soft toothbrush.

5: Clean the reed plates: Remove the reed plates from the soaking solution use a soft toothbrush to brush the reed plate gently brush the reed plates along the reed from the rivets down don’t brush against the reeds or snag it this can damage the reeds. Then run the reed plates under warm water to rinse it off.

6: Reassemble: Let all parts of the harmonica dry completely before reassembly tighten all the screw evenly and gradually before tightening them as far as they go. make sure you put you put the right screws into the reed plates & cover plates they are different screws.



Please let me know what you think about my post on the care of your harmonica?

Have you ever used any of these suggestions on the care of your harmonica?

How long do your harmonicas last?

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Lee Oskar Harmonicas Rebuildable!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!images (54)

I’m going to be talking about a harmonica that has revolutionized the harmonica industry when Lee Oskar introduced the Lee Oskar harmonicas  ” Power Harps” with replacement reed plates  in every key.  Lee Oskar who performed with the band “WAR” felt that the harmonica deserved the same respect as other instruments that they should be dependable and rebuildable instead of disposable.

Lee Oskar introduced a system with replaceable reed plates to repair your broken harmonicas instead of throwing them away and repair kit with tools to repair and maintain the care of your harmonicas no other harmonicas offers this repair kit and replacement reed plates that make it a lot easier to fix your broken harmonicas. The replacement reed plates come in every key and are easy to change out and in expensive compared to buying a new harmonica. The Lee Oskar tool repair kit comes in a nice case and an instruction booklet that shows you how to repair, tune and customize your Lee Oskar harmonicas.

Here’s an example of the (Lee Oskar tool repair kit) that you can purchase right here through my website  click on the highlighted text above^

Lee Oskar Harmonica Tool Kit

No other instrument has such a short life as the harmonica the inflation and higher prices make it very expensive to be replacing harmonicas. I know from personal experience I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years buying new harmonicas it gets expensive if you must buy new harmonicas all the time. But thanks to Lee Oskar’s design and replacement reed plates you can repair and have a brand-new harmonica for the fraction of the cost of a new harmonica.

Have you ever seen a Lee Oskar harmonica?

Did you know about the Lee Oskar harmonica system?

What do you think about the Lee Oskar system and the replacement reed plates?

Have you ever played a Lee Oskar Harmonica?

What do you like best about the Lee Oskar Harmonicas?

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“Best Harmonica Microphone” Review!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!                                                                                            

What I’m going to be talking about is the best harmonica microphone”  for your needs no matter whether it’s your first time looking at harmonicas microphones or you have been using harmonica microphones already for awhile!

Which ones are they?

(3) Best Rated Harmonica Microphones for 2015!   

#1. Shure Green Bullet 520DX

If your looking for  good features that can improve your microphone tone. Then the Shure Green Bullet 520DX would be what your looking for in the overall improved response and adjustable volume control knob.

Features of the Shure Green Bullet 520DX                                                         

1. Small enough to hold in your hand makes it easy to use

 2. Weights only 1.6 pounds

3. Volume control knob that can be easily adjusted at any time while playing.

4. 100 to 5,000 hertz frequency

5. Comes with a built in cord to plug directly into an amp.

6. High impedance


  • Lots of Features
  • Full Customization
  • Really Good Soundstock-photo-445060-harmonica-mic
  • Compact Size
  • Good Price


  • Uncomfortable Grip
  • Has a Cord
  • Not Wireless Compatible


“Personal Preference”

Each Microphone can be used for different applications of playing the harmonica it all depends on the kind of music the harmonica player is playing and interested in using it for.

So I believe it’s all Personal Preference!

If you would like more information on the Shure Green bullet 520DX Mic.

Get Product at Lowest Price Here……

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#2. Audix FireBall V

This microphone is the state of art when it comes to harmonica microphones. It’s designed so not to distort sound at all perfect for live performances and recording. The Fireball V is a light weight clear crisp sounding microphone that can be used with a wireless setup.

Features of the Audix FireBall V

1. Lightweight half the weight of the Shure Green Bullet 520DX

2. Built in volume control easy to adjust while performing

3. No feed back or distortion

4. Used for live studios

5. Wireless capabilities

6. Used for music recording

7. Used in Beat box harmonica


  • High quality design
  • Sound quality excellentcefa87397fe0bd7c81d359e1635bf5c1
  • Comfortable in your hand
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Studio quality
  • Recording quality


  • Priced a little higher than other harmonica microphones


The Audix FireBall V is one of my personal favorites.

I have been performing live shows with this harmonica microphone for the last 5yrs once I discovered this incredible microphone! It does everything it claims to do and more!

I would highly recommend the Audix FireBall V!

If you would like some more information on the Audix FireBall V

Get Product at Lowest Price Here…….

Please leave any comments or questions below and I will reply.

#3. Astatic JT30

This microphone is a good all around microphone used in Jazz or Blues great for recording produces a clear distinct sound. This is a good place to start for someone that is learning about harmonica microphones. Competitive price being a favorite of harmonica players looking for a universal microphone.

Astatic JT30 is designed by Hohner great for recording music specializing in Jazz.

Features of the Astatic JT30

1. Competitive Price

2. Lightweight 1.4lbs

3. Male adapter included to plug into amp

4. Replica of the original Astatic Mics


  •  Fits good in your hand
  • Lightweightdownload (5)
  • No feed back
  • Great for recording
  • Great Price
  • Looks Good


  •  No Wireless capabilities
  •  Harmonica players that know a lot about harmonica microphones this is probably not for you


The Astatic JT30 microphone is a very good microphone for the price and quality it’s well worth the buy for the harmonica player that’s looking for a good well rounded harmonica microphone

If you would like some more information on the Astatic JT30 please contact me personally for pricing and availability?

I Personally Own all 3 Harmonica Microphones and have used them all in live performances at one time or another. There all great harmonica microphones! But my Personal Favorite and I am using it at the present, in my live performances is the Audix FireBall V because of it’s wireless capabilities. I’m able to go into the audience and play my harmonica directly to them which seems to go over really big with the audience. It’s like there in the Show!

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Harmonica Lessons! Books, Online or Private Lessons!



Hello Harmonica Lovers!

(Harmonica lessons) “Where do I Start”

Hello harmonica Lovers, harmonica lessons are a very interesting  and broad subject. There’s a lot to choose from starting with simple books that are very informative and cost effective you can get them from your local retailer or online through my website right here>harmonica books some examples would be”Harmonica for Dummies” by Winslow Yerxa  $17.99 or Harmonica for Beginners kit 64 page book, (10) hole harmonica & Instructional CD for $9.01. Books come in different styles of harmonica Playing like Blues, Country, Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz & Classical. Online courses can be accessed for “Free” Through different Instructors a couple of examples would be JP Allen and Howard Levy  or you can purchase more in depth courses on online to further your skills. You can also choose to have an Professional Instructor teach you 1 on 1 which is probably one of the fastest ways to learn but not as cost effective here’s an earlier post i did on harmonica lessons what’s hot & what’s not that you can check uot here>Harmonica Lesson! 



Hohner Kids PL-106 Musical Toys Play and Learn Harmonica
Harmonica For Dummies

Here’s an offer on a Amazon gift card you can purchase through my website and use it for yourself or purchase something through amazon for someone else. 

Have you ever taken harmonica lessons?

Did you know about harmonica lessons?

Did you know about the different ways of lessons?

Have you ever used any of these methods to learn to play the harmonica?

Would you consider purchasing a harmonica book or DVD from my website?

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One of the Best “Hohner Harmonicas”

“Hello Harmonica Lovers”

(Hohner Harmonicas)

Like me if you’re looking for a great harmonica at a great price hohner harmonicas are one of best brands out there and one of the most trusted by harmonica lovers all over the world. Some of the most famous harmonica players in the world play hohner harmonicas I have some examples of some of the most well-known players in the world that play hohner harmonicas listed below.

Hohner Marine Band

    • Little Walter- Blues Harmonica
    • John Popper- Rock & Blues Harmonica
    • Charlie McCoy- Country & Blues Harmonica
    • Charlie Musselwhite – Blues Harmonica
    • Paul Butterflied- Blues, Rock & Jazz Fusion Harmonica
    • Bob Dylan- Folk Harmonica
    • Neil Young Folk Harmonica
    • Stevie Wonder- Jazz Chromatic Harmonica

    There are other brands of harmonicas like the Lee Oskar, Suzuki, Seydel  and Huang harmonicas. You will be able to find these products, services, accessories and online courses here on my website.

    Have you ever heard of hohner harmonicas?

    Have you ever played an hohner harmonica?

    Have you ever owned an hohner harmonica?

    Would you consider purchasing a harmonica through my website?

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