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Let me about an american blues player and singer Rod Piazza. Born in Riverside,California in 1947′ he grew up in Southern California, that’s where I grew up also, and I have lived in Riverside before too small world! In the picture here of Rod Piazza, he is playing through a Custom Bullet Microphoneto get that bluesy sound, out of his harmonica. It’s a small world I’m surprised I didn’t run into him, in all though years both of us being harmonica players. I used to practice to cassettes of Rod Piazza, hours on end, one of my favorite songs was “Chicken Shack” he still performs that song now.

Back to Rod Piazza, he practiced to blues records when he was young just starting out on the harmonica, to perfect his craft, and  to learn from the great blues harmonica players at that time. He actually first started playing the guitar at age 7, but went on to pursue the harmonica, and singing.  He formed his first band in 1960′ called the “Dirty Blues Band,” they released two albums in 1967′ to 1968,’ they broke up in 1968.’ Then Rod Piazza went on to start the band “Bacon Fat,” which had a dual harp sound that nobody did at that time, and performed with his mentor, and great blues harmonica player “George Harmonica Smith.” They went on to released two albums in the next couple of years.

Then Rod Piazza went solo, in 1974′ to 1975.’ Then he went on to form the band called “Mighty Flyers,” which is still the name presently, they had their first album in 1980′ recorded. Rod Piazza, has recorded 24 albums from 1967′ to 2009′. Rod Piazza has toured concert venues, blues clubs, and festivals in US, Spain, Canada, Japan, and Germany.

I actually saw him, and the Mighty Flyers, here in Florida, a couple of years ago at the Blues Festival. I got to meet Rod Piazza, and get his autograph, and a signed CD. I also got to meet the band, and Rod’s beautiful Wife Honey Piazza that plays the keyboard in the band, and is crazy good!

Here’s a video of Rod Piazza!

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2 thoughts on “Rod Piazza Amazing Harp Player!

  1. Thanks for introducing me to Rod Piazza. You’re right, he is amazing.

    I’ve toyed with the harmonica over the years, but don’t have the discipline to practice. I know enough to appreciate Piazza’s talent.

    The harmonica is a simple instrument, but it’s not an easy instrument. It demands a lot from the player.

    1. Thank you Gary for checking out my website and yes Rod Piazza is Amazing. I saw him a couple of years ago at the Blues festival here in Florida and got to meet him in person that was cool. I have cassettes of him from the 80’s I used to practice to small world. Do you play a musical instrument?

      Have a blessed day!


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