Review on the Tremolo Harmonica!

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I’m going to be talking about and showing you examples and pricing for the Tremolo harmonica the tremolo harmonica is a type of harmonica that has two reeds per note.

The two reeds are tuned slightly different one slightly sharp and one slightly flat this gives the harmonica a unique sound by getting a wavering or warbling sound similar to free reed instruments like accordions and reed organs and of course pianos where each of three strings are tuned slightly sharp or flat giving a bigger richer sound to the instrument.

Here’s some pictures, descriptions and pricing that you can click on and purchase a harmonica right here through my website with ease and the comfort of your own  home. The tremolo harmonica is not a common used harmonica for harmonica players the diatonic harmonica is more commonly used.


OriGlam Professional Swan 24 hole Tremolo Harmonica

Boseno 19 hole double Tremolo harmonica White Key of C


Hohner 56-C/G Echo 48-hole Tremolo Harmonica Key of C/G
Swan 24 Hole Tremolo Harmonica Key of C W24h4



Hohner 98 115BX Weekender 24 Hole Tremolo Harmonica Key of C
Hohner 2416 Golden Melody Tremolo harmonica Key of C







Suzuki 24 Hole Tremolo harmonica Special Key of G
Suzuki BR-21 C Baritone Harmonica Key of C
Hohner 54 Echo Harmonica
Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Professional 16 hole Chromatic Harmonica

Here’s a video so you can hear what a Tremolo harmonica sound like and how to play it and what it looks like!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for above then you can find more choices here>tremolo harmonicas

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