Review on the Hohner Rocket Harmonica! “New to the hohner family.”

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“Rocket Harmonica” 

The hohner rocket harmonica is new to the harmonica scene and is an easy harmonica to play. The rocket has vented and opened cover plates and wider channels on the comb. It also only has cover plate screws towards the front- a Joe Filisko innovation that improves air tightness and makes it easier to play. The rocket is a new harmonica in the hohner family the rocket seems to just be an improved version of the special 20 with bigger gaping and a heavier feel brighter sound with more volume produced out of the harmonica they also come in colored combs which I show in a picture above. The Rocket is priced a little higher than the hohner special 20 because of the added construction features that it offers. Some harmonica players like the Hohner Crossover or the Original Marine band over the Hohner Rocket because of the softer tone that they produce compared to the hohner Rocket which has a brighter louder tone to it.

Below is a picture and description of the Hohner Rocket harmonica that you can purchase right here through my website by clicking on the highlighted link below


Hohner Rocket Harmonica key of D


    1. comfortable in your hand
    2. heavier construction
    3. easy cover plate screws to remove
    4. brighter sound
    5. air vent on the sides
    6. open back cover plate


    1. when played softly the rocket is not as easy to play as some of the other hohner harmonicas
    2. priced a bit higher than some of the other hohner harmonicas

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2 thoughts on “Review on the Hohner Rocket Harmonica! “New to the hohner family.”

  1. I play a number of brands, including Lee Oscars, Sydals, hohners, and Suzuki. when performaing miked, I favor an “acoustic” style versus an “amplified” style so I like harps that produce a nice clean sound to hear every note when I want it. Generally, I favor my Suzuki HA20s Hamonds and MR-350 pros as I love the substantial feel in my hands, their capacity for clear notes even when leaning hard, and their powerful sound projection when performing electric blues and rock. the Suzuki’s holes are abit smaller than most other major brands but I did a lot of my learning with them and it works.
    Recently I picked up a hohner Rocket in C and find myself leaning on it more and more in various settings, particularily when playing acoustic blues and bluegrass. It has nice sound and is pretty easy to play. the Rocket also has great volume for un-miked performance and also works well when cupping tight into a high impedance blues mike when I am looking for that dirty Chicago grind sound. . The Rocket has become my favorite “pocket” harp, the one I always keep in my front pocket through my work day for those moments when you gotta play wherever you are. I’ll probably be adding a couple more Rockets to my cage and maybe even one of those louder Rocket Amp harps I’ve been eyeballing.

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