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This page is going to be on the best blues harmonica, and other harmonicas by the German manufacture C.A. Seydel Sohne company in Klingenthal, Sachsen Germany started in 1847′ still putting out a quality product to the present day!

Seydel harmonicas

Famous harmonica players that play Seydel harmonicas-“Mark Hummel,” “James Cotton,” “Charlie Musselwhite” these are just a few of the harmonica players that play a seydel harmonica the list goes on an on.

Blues (diatonic) models

1847 series – This series includes the Classic, Silver, and Noble. All are similar but the classic has a wood comb, Silver has a plastic comb, and the Noble has an aluminum comb with vented sides. The 160th anniversary model is similar but with luxury components, and is only available in the key of C. Only 160 of these were produced. These models have stainless steel reeds, and withstand hard playing.

Big Six– These models have only six holes with stainless steel reeds. The classic model is only available in the Key of C, and has a wood comb. The standard model is available in 6 keys, and 6 colors. The blues(music) version is tuned like the first 6 holes of a standard diatonic. The folk(music) version is tuned to holes 4-9 on a standard diatonic.

Session Steel– This model has an orange plastic comb (or other colors if a Summer or Winter edition harmonica) it has stainless steel reeds, and full length covers.

Favorite-This model has brass reeds, and an aluminum comb. It is available from Low,Low F to High A as well as alternate tunings, making it have the most variety of any stock Seydel harmonica which makes it one of the favorite for harmonica players.

Session-This model is the same as the Session Steel but with brass reeds, and a black comb. The “antique” version has brass colored cover plates.

Solist Pro-Model is similar to the Hohner Marine Band 1896, but with rounded holes, and screws.

Solist Pro 12 Steel– This model is similar to the Hohner Steve Baker Special 14 hole harmonica. However, this model has 12 holes instead of 14 is available in Low C, Low D, C, and A. The idea is that you get a low octave, under the standard diatonic. However compared to the SBS, this model is missing the 10 hole on a standard diatonic.

Chromatic models

Saxony– This model is a chromatic harmonica with stainless steel reeds.

De Luxe– High end chromatic model with brass reeds.

Standard– Standard chromatic model with brass reeds.

Tremolo and Octave models

Fanfare-S– This model is a tremolo model with Stainless steel reeds

Fanfare-This model is the same as Fanfare-S with brass reeds.

Sailor– Standard model with brass reeds.

Mountain harp– Standard model larger than Sailor model.

Concerto– Octave model with brass reeds

Club– Curved octave harmonica.

Here’s some examples of the different kinds, and styles of Seydel Harmonicas below, if don’t see what you’re looking for below, you can find it here>seydel harmonicas

Seydel Blues Session Standard Harmonica Key of C


Seydel Blues Classic 1847 Harmonica key of C
Seydel 1847 Silver Harmonica key of C



Seydel Big Six Blues Harmonica White Key of C
Seydel Blues Solist Harmonica Key of E



Seydel Blues Noble 1847 harmonica key of C



Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Harmonica Low C



Seydel Chromatic Standard 48 Harmonica key of C

These are just a few of Seydel harmonicas that they offer if you don’t see what you’re looking for then for more choices you can click here>seydel harmonicas

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2 thoughts on “Review on Seydel Harmonicas!

  1. Hey Larry,
    Its about time someone write about harmonicas, you almost never see anyone playing it anymore even YouTube not many singers play that instrument.

    I love this harmonica guide of yours, I bought one already but I have no idea how to play or what the whole thing means or whether or not its C or D. Awesome article and website, you should definitely start your own tutorial on how to play, I’ll be your first subscriber 😀

    1. Hi Riaz, Thank you for your kind comments, you can Youtube harmonica player videos, that should bring something up for you. To find out what key you have, it should be stamped on the face on the right side, or on the back right top of the cover plate, maybe on the back. For what brand of harmonica you have, is it a wood comb or plastic comb? The brand name should be stamped into the top of the cover plate, Hohner is the most common, what does yours say on it? How to play check this out>Playing Harmonica!

      Hope this helps you out, please let me know if I can help you out in the future.

      Have a blessed day!


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