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This page is going to be on the Harmonica belt, and all the harmonica players that use them, and the different kinds, and styles of harmonica belts, that are offered. These are the harmonica belts that are offered, you can see some examples below by clicking on the image for pricing, and more information.

Pinegrove Leather Harmonica Belt

Seydel Smart Belt

I’m going to be showing you some Custom Harmonica Belts, and Custom Harmonica Bandoleros, that myself, and a few famous harmonica players wear.  There’s several reasons why a harmonica player would be wearing a harmonica belt, or a bandalero of harmonicas. Reason (1)  they play more than one harmonica when performing, and they need quick access to the rest of them.  Reason (2) to put on more of a show, to be flashy, and have your audience remember you because you’re wearing a harmonica belt, or a bandolero of harmonicas, they’re like Wow! that’s really cool, did you see the belt of harmonicas that he was wearing, I wonder what all the harmonicas are for.?This I know from personal experience, because I perform, with a one of kind harmonica belt, that I show here below. I hear people saying those thing all the time when I’m performing a show. There are a few famous harmonica players that do wear harmonica belts, or harmonica bandoleros, most of these are Custom harmonica belts, or Custom bandoleros. I’m going to show some pictures of some Custom harmonica belts, and Custom bandoleros worn by some famous, and not so famous harmonica players!

My Custom Harmonica Belt


“Sugar Blue”
” John Popper”









As you can see by the pictures above, some examples of harmonica belts, and harmonica bandoleros worn by some famous harmonica players like Sugar Blue, and John Popper from the Blues Traveler Band.

Have you ever seen harmonica belts?

Have you ever seen bandoleros of harmonicas?

Do you use a harmonica belt?

Do you use a bandolero of harmonicas?

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