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I’m going to be talking about the chromatic harmonicas, these  harmonicas were invented over 100 years ago by Hohner.

The Chromatic harmonica contains all natural notes,  plus all sharps, and flats which allows you to play Chromatic melodies,  these harmonicas are totally different from the standard diatonic harmonicas.

Chromatic harmonicas come in 12, 14, and 16 holes, and have a button on the side of them, that allows the airflow to change when the button is pushed in, the airflow changes from the mouthpiece to the reed plate, changing it from a C major scale to a C# major scale when the button is pushed in.

Think of a piano all the white keys would be the C major scale, and all the black keys would be the C# major scale allowing you to play the same harmonica to everything. Like having a piano in your mouth, just a lot smaller. Lol

Most Professionals like the Key of C, even though the chromatic harmonica is available in all 12 Keys allowing you to play the entire chromatic scale with a C chromatic harmonica.

The Chromatic harmonica is mostly used in Jazz, and Classical music, but it has been used in other music like Rock, Folk, Pop, and Blues.

Some the most famous harmonica players that use the Chromatic harmonica are, first would be someone everyone’s heard of (Stevie Wonder), and second would be another very popular harmonica player, that  most everyone has heard of (Toots Thielemans) of course there’s other Chromatic harmonica players, these are just two of the greats!

Here’s some examples of Chromatic Harmonicas!

If you see something you like, click on the image to get more information, and pricing, and you can purchase it through my website!
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Swan Chromatic Harmonica
Seydel Chromatic Standard 48 Harmonica
Suzuki SCX-64C Chromatic Harmonica
Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Harmonica
Suzuki S-64 C Sirius Chromatic Harmonica
Suzuki SCX56-C Chromatic Harmonica

To check out more styles go here>chromatic harmonica 

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6 thoughts on “Review on Chromatic Harmonicas!

  1. I have actually had one of these when I was younger, and my son has one! I did “play” mine, but never really knew what I was doing or understood exactly how to play. It seemed like a difficult instrument to me. Is it hard to learn and can you learn maybe on the Internet from websites that might instruct on this?

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom, thanks for commenting on my page, did you have a Chromatic harmonica, or just a diatonic harmonica? To answer your Question about learning online click here>Harmonica Lesson! What’s Hot & What’s Not! I hope that helps you out, on your question about learning online. If there’s anything I can help you you with, please ask me.

      Where do you live in Texas? I used to live in Lubbock Texas in the 90’s.

      Have a blessed night!


    1. Hi Mukesh, Go back to the post Review on Chromatic Harmonicas that you looked at click on highlighted text or click on pictures of the Chromatic Harmonicas that are shown there prices range from $25 – $300 depends on your needs.
      Hope this helps?
      Have a blessed day!

  2. Good morning, Larry, from Ohio. My quest is to find out which brand of Chromatic to buy. Are any chromatics built with bronze, or stainless steel reeds ane if so, which holds up the best. Also, are any of the harps’ reeds replaceable? Thank you and have a great new year! Harold Jenkins

    1. Hi Harold,
      I don’t play the Chromatic but my review on it that you read should answer all your questions.
      Click on the pictures of the Chromatic Harmonica’s on my post that will give you details and pricing on them.
      If you don’t find what your looking for click on the more chromatic harmonicas link on my post after the pictures.
      More Chromatic Harmonicas
      Hope this helps you out if not get back with me and I will figure it out for you.
      Have a blessed day!

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