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This is going to be a review on how to buy a harmonica, from the brands, and styles that are offered online, and pricing. The first thing you want to consider when buying a harmonica is what kind of music do you want to play, and are you just starting out as a beginner, or intermediate, or professional that’s looking to buy a harmonica. Those things all make a difference when buying a harmonica, and the price you can afford also comes into play when buying a harmonica.

Most people when buying a harmonica are not sure what key to start off with, and what kind of harmonica to buy. That’s where I come in, helping you to purchase the correct harmonica for your needs. Harmonicas come in all shapes, sizes, and prices depending on your needs. When buying a harmonica you can purchase it through my website, by clicking on the highlighted content on the page, or post your reading, on my website, for more information click here>harmonicas

Most people that are learning to play the harmonica, don’t know where to start when they first begin. That’s where I come in, to lend a hand, and teach them the proper way to start. First of all I would suggest starting off with a quality harmonica not a cheap harmonica, they’re not airtight, and harder to play, than a quality harmonica. I would suggest the Hohner Special 20, or the Hohner Marine Band which you can check out here on the highlighted text.

There are a lot of other brands of harmonicas offered, other than the Hohner harmonicas, here’s some examples of them below.

HDE Silver Swan Diatonic 10 hole Blues Harmonica Key of


Johnson BK-520-C Blues King Harmonica




Suzuki Folkmaster 10 hole diatonic harmonica key of C
Fender Blues Deluxe harmonica Key of C
Lee Oskar harmonica major key of D
Suzuki HA-20-C Promaster Hammond Professional 10 hole diatonic harmonica key of C
Seydel Blues Session Steel harmonica key of C
Suzuki M20 Manji 10 hole harmonica


Suzuki Bluesmaster Harmonica key of C




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