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This page is going to be on the benefit of purchasing a harmonica set, versus purchasing a single harmonica one at a time, depending on your needs at the time. I personally prefer to purchase sets of harmonicas instead of one at a time it’s more cost effective, and you can usually find the keys you’re looking for. All though some of the harmonica harmonica 5-packs come with harmonicas, you may not need at the time, but that’s one of the drawbacks in purchasing in harmonica sets. Some of the sets come with certain keys that you can’t change, so you just have a lot of back ups for when you need them. It still cheaper to buy in a harmonica set than one at a time. Hohner 5 pack for example comes in keys A,C,D,G, and E which are standard keys used mostly. I going to be showing you some examples below that you can click on for more information, and pricing that you can purchase right here through my website.

Hohner Special 20 5- pack harmonica set
Johnson Blues King Harmonica set in all 12 keys

Swan Set 12 pcs 10 hole diatonic harmonicas
Chicago Blues 7 pack major keys Harmonica Gift Set
Hohner MBC Marine Band 5 Pack harmonica Set
Seydel Session Steel 5 pack of Harmonicas with soft case
Lee Oskar Harmonica 5 Pack with hard case
Suzuki Manji 3 pack harmonica set keys of C,G, and A


Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica 7 pack with case







Seydel Blues Session Steel 7 pack harmonica set

If you didn’t see what your looking for from my examples above, then click here for more choices>Harmonica Sets

I hope this review on harmonica sets, has helped you in gaining more knowledge on sets of harmonicas, and the pricing of harmonica sets, versus buying harmonicas one at a time which can become very expensive.

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