Hohner Bluesband Harmonica Review (Not the best harmonica)

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Hohner Bluesband Harmonica Review (Not the best harmonica)


The Hohner bluesband is not the best harmonica on the market. It usually cost less than $10 and come in the key of C major diatonic which is recommended for beginners and kids to learn on playing easy melodies and folk songs most beginning songs are in the key of C so if you can’t afford a better harmonica to start off with purchase a hohner blueslband harmonica and start playing. The bluesband harmonica is not very airtight so it takes more air to play it. Because it doesn’t cost more than $10 if you break it or sour a note from playing to hard instead of trying to repair it you just throw it away and buy another with better harmonicas you can repair them sometimes and it cost you less than buying a new one.


Hohner Blues Band Harmoninca Key of C

“Hohner Bluesband”


Good for beginners

Price under $10

Included in harmonica packages


Not airtight

Harder to play

Doesn’t last long

Cheap construction

Rust easy

Easy to break

Some better harmonicas are listed below if you see a harmonica you want to purchase just click om the highlighted content and you can purchase what you want right here through my website and if you do purchase something through my website I want to say, “THANK YOU.”
hohner special 20

hohner marine band

hohner blues harp

hohner big river
hohner golden melody

hohner bluesband

hohner crossover

hohner blue midnight

hohner rocket

hohner blues bender


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