Review on the Hohner Special 20 Harmonica

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I’m going to be telling you about, the “Hohner Special 20,” a responsive, superior bending, rich tone, and comes with a durable airtight plastic comb. This harmonica has become the harmonica of choice, for recording artist, John Popper (Blues Traveler Band).

In 2015 John Popper, changed his brand of harmonicas, to a John Popper signature harmonica, made by Fender, but he still likes the hohner special 20. The Hohner Special 20 is one of his favorite harmonicas, out of the box, but now, he plays a custom harmonica, designed by fender. That was made especially, for him, and his playing technique, and style.

Most harmonica players that enjoy a wide variety of genres, from country, folk, to rhythm and blues, this would be a harmonica that I would recommend. I personally use, and prefer the Hohner Special 20, it’s one of my favorite harmonicas. It is available in 12 major keys, as well as a special Country Tuning, which features, a major 7th, when played in the cross harp position, that some of the other brands, don’t offer,  in this special tuning.


The pricing, on the Hohner Special 20 harmonica, is comparable to most out of the box harmonicas,  for the quality that comes from them. I wrote an earlier post on pricing, check it out here> different pricing of harmonicas that you can purchase, through my website.

The Hohner Special 20 harmonicas, are the harmonicas, that I use the most, when I perform. They have a good, clean sound, easy to play, rounded cover plates, makes it comfortable to play, plastic comb, more durable, and can withstand conditions of the weather,  better than the wood combs, that swell and shrink in weather. All around a great harmonica, for beginners to professionals, this would be one of my, top picks of harmonicas.

Click on the Image below for pricing, and description.

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica

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