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Hello Harmonica Lovers!

I’m going to be talking about playing harmonica a long time ago, when I learned to play the harmonica, you learned from a harmonica book that taught you the basics of playing chords, and melodies, and single note playing, and simple songs like “Mary had a Little Lamb,” and “Row Row Row your Boat.”  It took time, a lot of practice, and self motivation because you had to do everything for yourself, without personal help from harmonica instructor’s online like you can get now because of technology.

I just found the harmonica book, that I learned from, on amazon through my website. The name of the book is “How to play Harmonica Instantly ” by- Marcos. When I bought the book back in the 70’s it cost ($10) now you get the same book a harmonica, and a Blues CD Kit for ($27.99) that’s a great deal. I guess what worked then, still works now, just with the CD it makes it a little easier to learn. You still have to be motivated, and practice a lot.

This day an age most people learn how to play the harmonica, from free online instructors you can google harmonica lessons, and you will come up with a number of different harmonica instructor’s that are free. They have Training CD Packs, and products that you can purchase online, that help you to learn to play the harmonica. Some examples are Ronnie Shellist, Adam Gussow, David Barrett, Howard Levy, Jason Ricci, JP Allen, and more. I have a link on an earlier post I did you access here> harmonica lessons.

I’ve actually been playing harmonica for about 25yrs and have purchased CD lessons from JP Allen, and I’ve learned a lot online from Ronnie Shellist, and Jason Ricci to name a few. You’re  never too old to learn something new, I’m 65yrs old, and play professional harmonica now, 100 shows a year part time.  If I can help you out, to learn to play the harmonica the proper way, instead of learning bad habits, from the start, that will make you a better player in the long run, if you continue to pursue the harmonica.

I hope this post gives you a little bit more understanding on what it takes to play the harmonica.

Have you ever tried to play the harmonica?

Have you ever used books to learn to play the harmonica?

Have you ever used online instructors, to learn how to play the harmonica?

I would love to get your feedback on this, please leave any comments, or questions below, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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