One of the Best “Hohner Harmonicas”

“Hello Harmonica Lovers”

(Hohner Harmonicas)

Like me if you’re looking for a great harmonica at a great price hohner harmonicas are one of best brands out there and one of the most trusted by harmonica lovers all over the world. Some of the most famous harmonica players in the world play hohner harmonicas I have some examples of some of the most well-known players in the world that play hohner harmonicas listed below.

Hohner Marine Band

    • Little Walter- Blues Harmonica
    • John Popper- Rock & Blues Harmonica
    • Charlie McCoy- Country & Blues Harmonica
    • Charlie Musselwhite – Blues Harmonica
    • Paul Butterflied- Blues, Rock & Jazz Fusion Harmonica
    • Bob Dylan- Folk Harmonica
    • Neil Young Folk Harmonica
    • Stevie Wonder- Jazz Chromatic Harmonica

    There are other brands of harmonicas like the Lee Oskar, Suzuki, Seydel  and Huang harmonicas. You will be able to find these products, services, accessories and online courses here on my website.

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16 thoughts on “One of the Best “Hohner Harmonicas”

  1. I don’t really know much about harmonicas, but it will be interesting reading about the great harmonica players you mention, like John Popper. Looking forward to seeing more articles. 🙂

    1. sounds like the perfect 1st Valentines:) and Harmonica’s, how frakein cool is that! Good job, Allie:) Oh and good job with Din-Din, Rob. and a lil FYI when you are with the right person every Valentines will be memorable. I remember the first one I spent with Ray 5 years ago when we first dated! It was perfection, and so was yesterday. I have never been a huge V-Day fan. Not because I am some bitter chick, but just because I feel it is a little too commercial for my liking. However, when you have a great person in your life, it makes it so much fun. Plus, he loves it, so I gotta go along with it;) Heres to you and Allie!! cheers:) yeah I know you hate cheers but I am holding a glass up so there

      1. Hi, A Harmonica is a great gift! Everyone thinks because it’s small it’s an easy instrument like i said in my Website. My suggestion for anyone new playing the harmonica should go to J.P.Allen instructor teaches everything from A-Z. Hope that helps. Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks Patrick, for your kind comments on my site. It’s still in the building stage but coming along. I checked your site out great Nich Halloween Party ideas is a big holiday that a lot of people celebrate. keep up the great work.

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    1. Hi Jetta, Thanks for visiting my site and the kind words and advice I’ll check that out. Please come back and check out my site. I’ll have more to come in the future. Have a blessed day!

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