“Most Used Harmonica Microphones”

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I’m going to be talking about harmonica microphones, that are used to amplify a harmonica. The most common used microphone by blues players, is the Shure Green Bullet 520DX Dynamic Harmonica Microphone, to achieve that dirty bluesy sound, that you hear from famous blues players, of the past, and present.

I show a picture of of the, Shure Green Bullet 520DX Harmonica Microphone below.

images-88The only drawback about using the Green Bullet, is as you can see in the picture, it’s a fairly big microphone to hold in your hand, because of the way that it’s constructed, it’s a very heavy microphone, but it’s a quality microphone.

The good thing about the Green Bullet is, it’s constructed very well, and has a special tone, that other harmonica microphones don’t have, because, of the way it was designed.


The Hohner JT30 Astatic Roadhouse Harmonica Microphone, is one of the favorites, for blues players. It gives you that, Dirty Chicago Blues Harp Sound, that all blues players, are trying to create.

The JT30 microphone was used over 50 years ago for public address systems, and Ham radio systems. so it was never designed, for playing a harmonica through it. But blues players figured out, that when they cupped their hand, over the microphone, that it produced a raw honky sound! That’s the sound they were looking for, it then became one the most favorite microphones, for blues harmonica players in the past, and present.

The only drawback about the JT30 microphone, is that it comes with a cord, which limits you, on where you can go with it, unlike wireless harmonica microphones, that are limitless on where you can go .

I use a Green Bullet wired microphone, and a Audix Fireball V wireless microphone, in my performances, both microphones have there purpose, and different sound. The JT30 Astatic Harmonica Microphone, has a completely different sound, from the Shure Green Bullet, and the Audix Fireball V.

The JT30 microphone has a gritty scratchy bluesy sound, because of the way that it was constructed.

here’s some pictures, of the Hohner JT30 Astatic Harmonica microphone. 100089-1images-82


The next harmonica microphones, I’m going to be talking about, are wireless harmonica microphones. That’s what a lot of  harmonica players, are using now, blues players, and other harmonica players are using now. It give you more freedom, on where you can go with it.

When I perform I use a wireless microphone, so that I can go out into the audience, and play to the people, it makes it a lot more personal, than being on a stage, where you’re not able to engage with the audience. The audix fireball v, is the wireless microphone, that I perform with, and prefer, for a more crisp clean sound, instead of the dirty blues sound, depending on what song, and kind of music I’m playing at the time.

Here’s some pictures of some wireless harmonica microphones.             download-49download-51images-12images-78


Have you ever seen any of these, harmonica microphones?

Have you ever used, a harmonica microphone?

What harmonica microphone, do you use?

What harmonica microphone, do you prefer?

Do you prefer a wired harmonica microphone, or a wireless harmonica microphone?

I would love to get your feedback, please leave any comments, or questions below, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Wonderful, am glad to read your article about microphone, am having my friend who is an artist and he has been suffering of searching for the quality microphone to use when performing.I will make your article as my bookmark so that i can show him to come choose the right one he will need.

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    1. Hi Jose,

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