Lee Oskar Harmonicas Rebuildable!

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I’m going to be talking about a harmonica that has revolutionized the harmonica industry when Lee Oskar introduced the Lee Oskar harmonicas  ” Power Harps” with replacement reed plates  in every key.  Lee Oskar who performed with the band “WAR” felt that the harmonica deserved the same respect as other instruments that they should be dependable and rebuildable instead of disposable.

Lee Oskar introduced a system with replaceable reed plates to repair your broken harmonicas instead of throwing them away and repair kit with tools to repair and maintain the care of your harmonicas no other harmonicas offers this repair kit and replacement reed plates that make it a lot easier to fix your broken harmonicas. The replacement reed plates come in every key and are easy to change out and in expensive compared to buying a new harmonica. The Lee Oskar tool repair kit comes in a nice case and an instruction booklet that shows you how to repair, tune and customize your Lee Oskar harmonicas.

Here’s an example of the (Lee Oskar tool repair kit) that you can purchase right here through my website  click on the highlighted text above^

Lee Oskar Harmonica Tool Kit

No other instrument has such a short life as the harmonica the inflation and higher prices make it very expensive to be replacing harmonicas. I know from personal experience I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years buying new harmonicas it gets expensive if you must buy new harmonicas all the time. But thanks to Lee Oskar’s design and replacement reed plates you can repair and have a brand-new harmonica for the fraction of the cost of a new harmonica.

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2 thoughts on “Lee Oskar Harmonicas Rebuildable!

  1. Hey Larry,

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. The other day, I was at a gig playing Neil Young’s Heart of Gold and was thinking, I really need to add in some Harmonica.

    Out of curiosity, when you pick up multiple packs of the Lee Oskar, can you choose the keys that you want or is it set?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Jim, Thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments. To answer your question I believe the 5 pack comes with keys G,A,C,D,F Major Diatonic Harmonica here’s my link to check it out Lee Oskar Harmonicas Rebuildable! I hope this helps you out if not please let me know. Yes harmonica needs to be in “Heart of Gold” I play it in 1st position straight harp G harmonica.

      Please come back in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content to my website.

      Have a blessed day!


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