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I’m going to be talking about a harmonica player, vocalist, and guitarist, who is the front man in a rock band, and known for his virtuoso music, harmonica playing. The famous, “John Popper” born on March, 29th 1967′ in Chardon, Ohio.

He was raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and went to Princeton High School, and graduated in 1986′ where he studied Cello, Piano, and Guitar, but none of those instruments, did anything for him, so practice, was a chore, not a pleasure.

He used humor, to avoid bullies, and make friends, so at first he was going to pursue, a career as a comedian, but when him, and his friends, did a Blues Brothers routine, he realized that music was his passion, and that’s when he pursued the harmonica.

He played trumpet in the high school band, as I did also, in my high school band. He convinced the music teacher, to let him do a solo, on a harmonica, instead of playing the trumpet, and he tore that solo up on the harmonica, an amazed the music teacher, and all the other students.

Pursuing the harmonica, turned out well for John Popper. He started several bands, with friends in Princeton, New Jersey, which over the years turned into the Blues Traveler Band. In 1987′ the band signed, their first record contract,  in October of 1992′ “John Popper” was in a motorcycle accident, that put him in a wheelchair for months, but that didn’t stop him, from his love for performing.

He still toured with the band, and endured the pain, because it was his passion. John Popper favorite harmonicas, are the Hohner Special 20 brand blues harps, but since 2015, he has been using his own signature harmonicas, made by Fender. John Popper, is known for his lighting speed intricate patterns, with single note playing, on his harmonica. No other harmonica player, can duplicate what John Popper does on the harmonica.

The only harmonica player, that can even come close, is Sugar Blue  which I wrote about him, in an earlier post I did, about Sugar Blue being absolutely amazing! I even have a picture, of Sugar Blue, and John Popper playing together, and they are both wearing, a bandalero of harmonicas.


Check out this video, of John Popper playing, on the David Letterman Late Night Show.


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