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I’m going to be talking about one of many female great harmonica players that is a  multi-talented singer/songwriter who is a  Percussionist who plays Piano, Guitar and harmonica is there anything this girl can’t do? OK! Who am I talking about her name is Trinatrinahamlin Hamlin she was brought up in the Midwest Minneapolis Minnesota and earned a music degree from Berklee College where she studied music. She has played at numerous Jazz Festivals like the Newport Jazz Festival and other Festivals she has five albums produced on her own and has Pure Raw Talent! She moved to New York City after college and performed with a band called Blue Leaves. In the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival she was voted most wanted new artist. She has also appeared on TV late Night with Conan O’Brian also her harmonica music has been chosen for Dawson’s Creek, Bravo’s, Lifetimes and MTV The Real World. She has said to be one of the best harmonica players of all times she toured with New Folk Artist Susan Wemer all through 2011. Trina has a unique combination of Ballads, Folk. Rock and Blues that has given her a steady following and is sought after by some Nationally known Singer/Songwriters wheater in the studio or live on stage.

She’s Simply an Amazing Pure Raw Talent Harmonica Player!

Here’s a video showing off that Pure Raw Talent!

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