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(Hohner Marine Band Crossover)

The hohner crossover was patterned after the Original  Marine Band model 1896′ 10- hole diatonic most serious blues players favorite harp. The Hohner Crossover Harmonica  has a similar look as the model 1896′ but with a lot of upgrades through the years they have come up with a far superior instrument. Some of the differences are the cover plate made of stainless steel instead of metal that can rust. The cover plate is held by 4 screws and the reed plates is held by 3 screws with a bamboo laminated comb.

Here’s a example of a Hohner Crossover Harmonica if you would like to purchase one you can do that by clicking on the highlighted text above that says (Hohner Crossover Harmonica)

Hohner Crossover Harmonica

The surface is sealed with a sealant to make it moisture resistant and easy to play right out of the box this makes bends and over blows easier for you but you might need to tweak it for the upper scales on the over blows but that’s all. It comes in a nice zipper case to protect your harmonica. A lot of the  harmonica players are switching over to the crossover even famous  instructors are using them in their teachings the quality, response, tone and play ability is a lot better and last longer also the hohner crossover is able to play all the styles blues,  country, rock, folk, Jazz & classical that why it’s labeled a “Specialty Harmonica.” they cost a little more than the marine brand and the blue midnight but well worth the investment.

They are retail ($80 – $100) But if you purchase them from my site thru amazon $60 which is a savings for you!

Check out this video on the Hohner Crossover vs Hohner Blue Midnight!


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2 thoughts on “Hohner Crossover Harmonica!

  1. I have not played that particular harmonica but I sure would like to. It is a beautiful harmonica with lots of great features while maintaining a classic look. I really appreciate you taking the time to review it and also provide a video of it to add a more fluid review to the site. I definitely like the design and the change to stainless steel on the Hohner Crossover Harmonica is definitely a smart move to address potential rusting, as you point out.

    1. Thank you Robert for your kind comments,

      The Hohner Crossover is probably going to be the go to harmonica for all levels of players including harmonica Instructor’s. I know of one right now his name is David Barrett he has an online course and that’s the harmonica he teaches with and tells his students to learn on. You said you haven’t played that harmonica are you a Harp Player? If so what kind of harmonica do you play?

      Thanks for visiting my website please come back in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

      Have a blessed day!


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