Harmonica Players memories of the past!

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One of my readers liked the earlier post I wrote on Magic Dick the 193300f554fee122b982a85697bfe6edfamous harmonica player but it was a short post  so some more memories of the past and the present on what Magic Dick is up to these days he’s still performing at the age of 70 but with who? I’ll tell you who at the end of my content if you keep reading. Magic Dick was famous for playing harmonica  in the J. Geils band in the 60’s when “Magic Dick” Richard Salwitz was 8 yrs. old he knew that music would be one of his primary interest along with physics and painting. His first instrument was the Trumpet like myself that is what instrument I started with also. In his sophomore year at college he transitioned to the harmonica which he is so famous for then and now. He met the J. Geils band in 1968 at college in 1970 the band recorded it’s first album for Atlantic Records and then toured a lot allowing Magic Dick to jam with harmonica blues greats like Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and James Cotton as the J. Geils band performed for 15yrs with a high energy Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll show they had a sound that set them apart because of the distinctive & innovating harmonica playing of Magic Dick. After the J. Geils Band magic Dick performed as a guest harmonica soloist for Debbie Harri,Patty Smith, Full Circle and the Del Fuegos among others. In the 90’s Magic Dick joined up with members of the J. Geils Band to form the Band Bluestime clickHere..they recorded albums and toured.  Magic Dicks experimenting & searching for new ways and sound to play the harmonica with other music than just blues this led him to the quality & flexibility on the harmonica which helped in the development of the harmonica being played with all kinds of music.  Here’s a memory of the past “Whammer Jammer” 1990’s video! 

I said earlier in my post that I would tell you who Magic Dick is playing with at age 70. Here’s a video of Magic Dick and New Guitar Vocal sensation “Shun Ng”performing a James Brown song  “Pappa’s gotta a brand new Bag”!magicdick-shunng

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6 thoughts on “Harmonica Players memories of the past!

  1. Larry, being a musician myself I really enjoyed your site!! To me Harmonica’s add a really fat sound to a song especially blues which I love. Your site is well constructed, easy to read and it is packed with a lot of interesting info. I am not sure how to incorporate video’s from You Tube to my site so maybe you can give me a few pointers!
    Again, great stuff here and I will continue to see what other content you will be adding in the future!!

    1. Hi Ed, Thanks for visiting my website and your kind comments.I see you’re a Drummer so is my son great start to your website just remember it’s a Journey not a race. You asked about putting Youtube video on your site it’s not hard what you do is find the Youtube video you want right below the video it says Share click on that then you will see Embed Copy that URL. then go back to wordpress on the edit page or post you want to put it in click on text not visual then paste where you want it then update. Then check visual should be a blank area where the video is to view it go to your website refresh that page or post and it should be there. If not let me know and I’ll help you again.
      Hope this helps you out anything else you need help with please let me know.
      Have a blessed day!

  2. My grandfather was a harmonica player, so I have always been interested in the harmonica. I think they add a lot of great sound to a song. I always loved Piano Man by Billy Joel with the harmonica in it. Great song! I’d never heard of Magic Dick but I like it ! Thanks so much for sharing your informative post.

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments. You said your grandfather played harmonica that’s Awesome! So you got introduced to the harmonica at an early age I’ll bet your grandfather knew who Magic Dick was he’s been around for a long time.

      Please come back to my website in the future as I’m always adding new & exciting content!

      Have a blessed day!


    1. Hi Marilyn, Thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments about it. Yes Magic Dick can make the harmonica talk he is one of the best and well known harmonica players in the World. Please come back and check out my website in the future because I’m always adding new & exciting content.
      Have a blessed day!

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