Harmonica played with any Instrument!

Hello harmonica Lovers!

 The harmonica  played with any  instrument like the Guitar, Saxophone, Keyboards and Drums and many other  instruments always adds to the music.  The harmonica can also be played while playing the guitar at the same time because of a harmonica holder that fits around your neck to hold the harmonica so that your hands are free to play the guitar.  Most Musicians that play this style play Folk music or Blues it does limits your hand positions on the harmonica for effects that you can create with the harmonica. 

You can see where having the harmonica neck holder allows © Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporationstock-photo-paris-march-blues-rock-guitarist-rene-miller-playing-his-dobro-guitar-at-street-market-on-150534770© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationstock-photo-ufa-bashkortostan-russia-th-june-russian-street-musicians-performing-improvised-musical-288624923 the musician to be free with there hands to be able to play the guitar at the same time. 

Here in these pictures it shows a harmonica playing with a Saxophone player on the left and a harmonica playing  with a Drummer on the right.

The Harmonica is a very versatile instrument!

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2 thoughts on “Harmonica played with any Instrument!

  1. This brings back memories. I tried to teach myself the harmonica. I didn’t get very far but loved the sound of it. It’s sound is unique, versatile and it’s nice to listen to. I like Stevie Wonder’s harmonica playing too. It’s not used much in today’s music (pop for instance). What a shame.

    Your articles are very educational, introducing training and techniques–it’s not as easy as it looks!

    1. Hi there, Thanks for checking out my website, harmonicas are easier to learn now because of all the online professional instructors that teach you for free. Check out http://www.freeharmonica.com by J.P.Allen. Please come back an check out my site a lot more great stuff in the future? Have a blessed day!

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