Harmonica Mics. Used in all Styles!

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 This subject is going to be on all the other microphones that can be used other than the “Green Bullet Microphone.”

The Microphone in the pictures is a shure 58 used for a singing microphone as well as a harmonica microphone it is used in Country, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass and yes Blues also.

It produces a clear sound compared to the muddy distorted sound you get from a Green Bullet Microphone which is usually used for blues playing and what most blues players prefer. The Shure 58 in an all around microphone like I stated earlier that it’s used for vocal singing as well as harmonica playing through it.

The sound that comes from the Shure 58 is a clear sound unlike the Green Bullet Microphone that’s why it’s prefered for Country, Folk and Rock.  In one of the pictures below the Musician in the brown vest is using hand effects by standing away from the microphone to create a sound used in country, folk, rock, jazz and bluegrass.


The harmonica player in the blues shirt is also using hand effects to create a different sound by cupping his hands over the microphone this creates a WaWa sound that gives you the blues sound.

The harmonica player in the picture with the black shirt is me “L.A.” playing thru a wireless microphone to be able to move around while performing. With this microphone it creates a clear crisp sound that I use in my shows to play Country, Folk  Classic Rock and more.

I don’t use it so much in Blues, it doesn’t have the sound that I’m looking for like the Green Bullet Microphone or Astatic Blues microphone  that  does have that muddy gritty sound that blues players look for in blues music.





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Have you ever heard of these microphones?

What kind of microphone do you use?

What kind of microphone do you prefer?

Do you like the gritty bluesy sound of a microphone?

Do you like the crisp clear sound of a microphone?

I would love to get your feedback on this please leave any comments or questions below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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14 thoughts on “Harmonica Mics. Used in all Styles!

  1. Your site is very informative concerning harmonicas. I use to play when I was in middle school and especially with my friends in high-school. It has been about 10 years since I last played one but I know where to come and get some more information on the subject now. Thanks!

  2. Hi! La1,
    How interesting! I never knew there was a mic specific to harmonicas. I’m familiar with the hand effects, I’m a jazz listener, so I’ve seen the hand effects before, but I’ve always though that the mics were just normal vocal mics. I had no clue that it was actually a harmonica mic. I learned something new today, thanks! Good article, short but sweet.

  3. Great post. It’s tough to find information like this. Greatly appreciate it. I recently bought a Blu Pro microphone. Would that be a decent mic for a harmonica? Is it important that you hold the mic up to your face like that? I ask because my mic is a table mic and not really supposed to picked up to your face

    1. Hi AJ,

      Thanks for visiting my website.I checked out the Blu Pro Microphone it looks like it designed for a sit down Guitar more than a Harmonica.

      I have a Post on my Website called “Best Harmonica Microphone Reviews“ Check it out I believe it will answer all your questions. Go to allaboutharmonicas.com

      Please come back an check out my website a lot of Great stuff still to come!

      Have a blessed day!


  4. Very interesting read. I am a musician but know nothing about the harmonica world. Very cool to see another society of music that i never knew about. I loved how short and to the point the article is and it was very easy to follow. Thanks for the great read. From one musician to the other.

    1. Thank you Nathan, for the kind words. I picked a niche I was passionate about which makes it a lot easier to build your website.

      Please come back latter I’m always adding new harmonica stuff.

      Have a blessed day!


  5. Love your site. I always have romanticism with harmonicas just because it is handy. And i could imagine some in a breezy calm night…taking the instrument out and start playing the most beautiful tune. The site has a lot of interesting information in one go. Thanks. So you played from age 5 till now? That’s a wow.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Yes I’ve been playing since I was 5 when I first got a harmonica.I perform every Fri,Sat & Sun. now at age 64 on the beaches of Florida! I’m blessed! Please come back as I’m alway adding new and exciting content to my website.

      Have a blessed night!


  6. wow, cool website. I did not know much about harmonicas but they were always fun to play when I was growing up! I didn’t even know there were famous harmonica players, so thank you for your information! You have plenty of information on your site. Was thinking maybe i’ll pick up trying to play the instrument again

    1. Hi Kam, Thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments. Yes there are a lot of famous harmonica players and I’ve have written some earlier post on them here’s a link that you can check out>More Famous Harmonica Players. You also mentioned about picking up the harmonica again here’s an earlier post I did that could help you out with that Learn Harmonica! Please come back in the future and check out my website as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

      If there’s anything I can help you out with please ask me.

      Have a blessed day!


  7. thanks for the post Larry.

    i bought a harmonica a fews years back and had every intention of learning to play it. however, time just passed and i unfortunately eventually forgot all about it…

    your article has jogged my memory so i can now try to find it and keep it somewhere close so i can play it from time to time and maybe some day learn how to play it properly.

    wish you all the best with your site.


    1. Hi Jerry, Thank for checking out my website and your kind comments. Playing the harmonica can help people out in a lo of ways music is the answer to everything in life. If you would like to learn how to play the harmonica check out this link Learn Harmonica! 

      Also I noticed that your web ID was preichbillionaire do you have a plan for your future? If not you might be interested in checking out my other website lookoutforonlinescams.com

      Have a blessed day!


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