Harmonica Lesson! What’s Hot & What’s Not!

Hello harmonica Lovers!

Harmonica lesson!

If you’re looking for one they come in all shapes, forms and different prices from free online courses to online courses that you can purchase from professional instructors that include a DVD and a harmonica with it. You can also purchase a harmonica instructional book from a retail store or online that you can teach yourself (That’s the old fashion way!). There are free You tube videos from Amateurs to Professionals Instructors that you can get to teach you the basics of playing a harmonica from Beginner to Intermediate to Advance to professional playing. You can also have a One on One Professional Instructor lesson that’s the best Way!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each of the examples that I talked about above.

Best: To learn from a professional either online courses that you purchase, which you still must be motivated to do it on your own. Or a   One on One lesson from a Professional Instructor. I took lessons from a professional instructor after playing for 20 yrs. it made an incredible difference in my playing. I have a local accomplished Professional Harmonica Instructor that I would recommend if you want to learn the Best Way to Play a Harmonica. His name is “Joseph Limmer”

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Pros: Learn everything from A-Z on the harmonica and learn faster the correct way to play. When you purchase a course with DVD’s online you always have the lessons to learn from.

Cons: Cost Money some lessons are cheaper than others.

Worst: To buy a book retail or online and try to teach yourself or learn from an Amateurs off You Tube videos.

Pros: Less expensive sometimes no cost.

Cons: You must motivate yourself to learn.
Your learning from nonprofessionals.
You learn bad habits.

Have you thought about harmonica lessons?

Have you ever taken harmonica lessons?

Did you know about harmonica lessons?

Do you know any harmonica instructors?

I would love to get your feedback on this please leave any comments or questions below and I will replay as soon as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Harmonica Lesson! What’s Hot & What’s Not!

    1. Hi David, Thanks for visiting my website hope you liked it? still in the process of building it so please check back later for more great stuff! Have a blessed day!

  1. Thanks Larry…
    Seems like some good direction….
    I have to share my story and introduction to Harmonicas and ultimately lead me to your site…

    It was the end of June 2006. My family was visiting some relatives in Montreal. The Montreal Jazz festival was going on and we decided to take the kids and check it out.

    A booth at the festival was offering a free harmonica and lesson. My self and the kids decided to try it out. They walked us through how to hold the harmonica and our mouths. All these instructions done through visual demonstration. Then they started the French instruction. The French instructor talked for about 4-5 mins. Sometimes stopping to play some notes and move his hands on the Harmonica.

    Then an English speaker (with a heavy French accent) spoke. He introduced himself then said “take the Harmonica to your mouth and blow”. He demonstrated what he instructed and we followed. We the students made a wide assortment of noises with our Harmonicas.

    The part that cracked me up and still does to this day. After his 30 seconds of instructions he looked at us and said “Do all the other things he said in French”. It was clear that we had exhausted his use of the English language. We being English speakers and not understanding French could only let out a roar of laughter. I am not picking on the French it was just funny. His English was superior to my French.

    I still have that Harmonica and I can make a few more sounds then before. I found your site from search on how to play your Harmonica…


        • Hi Robin, Thanks for visiting my website. That’s a funny story I can picture it in my head. What did the English harmonica teacher want you to do learn French on the spur of the moment Lol!
          Please come back and check out my website in the future I’m always adding new and exciting content! Here’s one of my pages I wrote on harmonica lessons.
          Have a blessed day!

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