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I’m going to be talking about the harmonica history and where the harmonica first came from. The harmonica began in china with an instrument called the Sheng which had 17 pipes with a long curved mouthpiece designed with bamboo reeds and metal reeds one of the oldest instruments from china that dates back to 1100 BCE which is sometimes an abbreviation used in place of B.C. it’s meaning is “before the Common Era.”

The Sheng was used as an instrument that accompanied other instruments on solos. It was used in Chinese Opera and in large Chinese Orchestras both for accompaniment and melodies. The Sheng is still being used today with some modern changes made to it increasing the pipe to 32 making a bigger air chamber that changes the tone allowing you to play chords and harmonies on the instrument.

I show you an example of the Sheng in the picture below.


In the 19th century the first harmonica was manufactured by a German harmonica designer named Matthias Hohner and founder of the hohner harmonicas which is still one of the No. 1 harmonica manufactures in the world today.

The harmonica was first known as the French harp or mouth organ as it’s known is a free reed instrument played worldwide in all type of music.

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