Harmonica Blues Legends!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

One of the first, and one of the top harmonica blues legends is??

You guessed it (Little Walter) Jacobs, Birth name Marion Walter Jacobs, was born 1930′ in Marksville, Louisiana, and was one of the best blues harmonica players in his time, and still is considered one of the greats today,  He died in 1968′ at age (37) he played a Hohner Original Marine Band harmonica back then.

Here’s a video of “Little Walter” Playing one of his most famous songs “Juke” Man was he Amazing!


Sonny Boy Williamson (1) Birth name John Lee Curtis Williamson, born in 1914′ in Madison County, Tennessee, was one of the first blues harmonica legends of all times. he was often referred to as the pioneer of the blues harp.  He was the most recorded blues harmonica player, and musicians of the 1930’s, and 1940’s he died in 1948′ at age (34)

Here’s a video of “Sonny Boy Williamson 1 playing one of his most famous songs, “Good Morning, Little SchoolGirl”


Sonny Boy Williamson (11) Birth name Aleck Ford born in 1912′ in Glendora, Mississippi was another one of the most famous harmonica blues legends of all times. he died in 1965′ at age (52), but was around the blues scene long enough to be able to perform with other Greats like Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson, Jimmy Page, and Robert Johnson.

Here’s a video of one of his most famous songs, “Keep it to Yourself”

This is a good start to a couple of the most well Known Harmonica Blues Legends! More to come in the future there’s a long list! These are just a couple of the earliest Harmonica Blues Legends!

Have you ever heard of any of these, Harmonica Blues Legends?

Have you ever heard any of these video’s that I posted?

Did you know who Little Walter was before my post?

Did you know who Sonny Boy Williamson 1 was before my post?

Did you know who Sonny Boy Williamson 11 was before my post?

Did you know the difference between Sonny Boy 1, and Sonny Boy 11 before my post?

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