Harmonica Beginners!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

“Harmonica Beginners” Starting off Right!

(Choosing your first Harmonica)


I’m going to be talking about harmonica beginners and how to get started the correct way.  To start with to learn how to play the harmonica as a beginner you need to choose a quality harmonica and spend a few more dollars than trying to buy and learn from a cheap harmonica.

Harmonicas that are less expensive tend to be not airtight which makes them harder to play and harder to learn on.  Harmonicas that are a little bit more expensive are airtight and designed to be more comfortable in your mouth to play because of the curved cover plates and the flush design on the face of the harmonica it makes it mustache friendly also. The harmonica I would suggest for you to purchase is a Hohner Special 20 key of C which you can purchase right here through my website click here>hohner special 20 if you decide you would prefer a different harmonica rather than the one that I suggested you can also find those through this link> harmonicas.

(Holding the Harmonica)

When you’re holding the harmonica in your hand you want to make it feel comfortable in your hand which I wrote in an earlier page about the proper way to hold the harmonica with pictures  and instructions that you can see here>Hand Positions for Holding a Harmonica!


Step 1 correct

Step 2 correct


Step 3 correct mouth over the harmonica
Step 4 incorrect mouth in front of the harmonica

(First position playing on the Harmonica)

Everyone that starts to learn to play the harmonica for the first time starts right here with first position playing which is also called (Straight Harp) meaning that you blow most of the notes when you’re playing in the harmonica. You start playing simple songs like “row row row your boat” and “Mary had a little lamb” simply songs like those you learn chords and single note playing which I wrote an earlier post on learning to play the harmonica that you can see here>Learn Harmonica!

(Straight Harp)

Howard Levy teaching you how to play the first song you need to learn when starting out to play the harmonica “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.”

(Second position playing on the Harmonica)

This position of playing the harmonica is often referred to as (Cross Harp) meaning that you draw most of the notes instead of blowing the notes on the harmonica which allows you to do more on the harmonica like bending notes which is what you hear a lot of blues harmonica players doing using this technique. You can bend notes in first position also but it not used as much as it is in blues music. Other styles of music other than blues like country or rock use the second position playing as well. There are more positions on the harmonica but those are more advanced and I will be talking about the other positions of playing the harmonica in a future post.


(Cross Harp)

This is a training video on how to play in the cross-harp position or second position playing.

Have you ever wanted to play the harmonica?

Did you know about the different positions of playing a harmonica?

Have you ever heard the term Straight Harp playing?

Have you ever heard the term Cross Harp playing?

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2 thoughts on “Harmonica Beginners!

  1. I’ve been an avid piano player all of my life. So I have a passion for any kind of instrument that can produce some beautiful music. I’ve heard many harmonica players play before. Some very good. Some not so good. I’ve always found it quite fascinating how it works. It would definitely be cool to learn how to play a harmonica sometime and play it the good way.

    1. Hi Caleb, Thank you for visiting my website and yes their are a lot of Great Harmonica Players out there and they’re are a lot of not so good harmonica players out there too. On my website I talk about a lot a great harmonica players check this post I did Famous Harmonica Player?

      Have a blessed night!


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