Hand Positions for Holding a Harmonica!

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Holding the Harmonica” 

 I’m going to be talking about the different hand positions of holding a harmonica to play different styles and to create different sounds from the harmonica.

When holding the harmonica properly  it should be cupped in your left hand with your index finger to the back of the harmonica resting comfortable on top and your thumb underneath the harmonica. Your right hand should be cupped around the back of the harmonica. This position allows you to put  most of your mouth over the harmonica which is the proper way to play a harmonica.  I’ve attached some pictures of the proper hand position. harmonica-hands-red-nail-varnish-holding-white-background-37032015harmonica-hands-red-nail-varnish-holding-white-background-37031421


One of the other positions of holding a harmonica is to hold it from each end of the harmonica to get a more clear clean sound without cupping it. You can still use different hand positions if you prefer to create different effects I’ve attached an example of that hand position. girl-play-blues-harmonica-close-up-beautiful-young-woman-playing-33064610



When playing the Blues with a harmonica you cup your hand around the harmonica to create the deep bluesy sound you can also open and shut your hands to get the WAH WAH effect and you can open and shut one hand real fast to get the Flutter effect. A lot of Blues harmonica players put their thumbs on each side of the harmonica to create a more deep bluesy sound.

Here’s some pictures of cupping your hand over the harmonica below.



have you ever seen anyone using this hand technique?

Do you know about hand techniques on the harmonicas?

Have you ever used hand techniques on the harmonica?

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