Famous Harmonica Player?

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I’m going to be talking about a very famous harmonica player in the harmonica world that you may have heard of or possibly not heard of he is famous for his unique style of playing the Richter tuned diatonic harmonica playing the chromatic scale I explain more about his style of playing below.

“Howard Levy” Harmonica Master

Howard Levy is known for his chromatic playing style on a diatonic harmonica in 1970′ he discovered  techniques on the harmonica called overblow and overdraw which allows him to play the chromatic scale on a Richter tuned diatonic harmonica and play all the missing chromatic notes because of theses techniques.

Howard Levy can plays in a lot of different styles because of his skills such a Classical, Folk, Rock,Jazz, Blues, Latin and World music.  As you can see he covers about every style there is to play the diatonic harmonicawhich most other harmonica players stick to one style or the other like Blues or Country.

Here’s a video interview on Howard Levy the Master of the Harmonica!



Have you ever heard of  Howard Levy?

Have you ever seen Howard Levy?

Have you ever heard of the  overblow technique?

Have you ever heard of the overdraw technique?

Have you ever used these techniques?

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