“Everyone Knows the Original Blues Brothers”

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The original blues brothers was founded in 1976 by comedy actors, Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi for a musical sketch on Saturday Night Live there band was The Blues Brothers Rhythm and Blues  Revue. The band made there second appearance on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest in April of  1978 and there third an final appearance in Nov 1978. The band released an album in 1978 called Briefcase Full of Blues.

Show Business!

The Hollywood film The Blues Brothers was filmed in 1980 using the characters John Belushi as “Joliet” Jake Blues named after (Joliet Prison) was the lead vocalist in the movie. Dan Aykroyd’s character was named Elwood Blues named after the Elwood Ordnance Plant which made grenades & TNT during World War II Dan Aykroyd was backing vocals and harmonica in the movie.


8 thoughts on ““Everyone Knows the Original Blues Brothers”

  1. Larry I’m so glad I found your site. I own a harmonica, but really haven’t developed any skill with it.

    I’m a big fan of the Blues Brothers too. My father and my uncle were called the Blues Brothers by the family because they often wore dark sunglasses.

    I’ll visit your other pages and when I’m ready I’ll ask your advice on how to get a little better with the haromonica

    1. Hi G.C Horton, thanks for visiting my website. I also love the Blues Brothers. My Cuz and I are in a 2 piece Band called the Cozmic Cowboyz he plays Guitar and I play Harmonica on occasions wev’e done a Blues Brothers show for a Christmas Party dressed up like them. When you want to learn the Harmonica I will help you out. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Have a blessed night!


  2. I like the Blues Brothers harmonica music has always interested me. Like how something so small can make such cool music. I would have like a little more info about it or a short video of the music from the Blues Brothers. I would also find it interesting to learn more people that are Harmonica players.

    1. Hi Leslie, thanks for visiting my website. Those are great suggestions that I will do on my site a video of the Blues Brothers is something I was going to add once I found one. Have a blessed night!


  3. Good information about Blues Brothers. I didn’t know that they’ve started out as comedy artist then turned into a blues band. And your site is really good for obtaining information about harmonicas. But i think you should write more in your Blues Brother post. I would really like to learn more about the legendary band.

    1. Hi Tyler, Thanks for your kind words. I plan on going back and adding more content to that post and a lot of others. I’m on course 5 lesson 9 almost done with the course and then I’m going back thru my website an straighten it up. Please come back and check out my website at a later date I’ll be updating and adding exciting new content.

      Have a blessed day!


  4. Good info on the Blues Brothers, Larry! I would also suggest writing a little more information on them. Was the “Blues Brother” movie the only one that they ever starred on? Also, are there any other special features in the film? It’s been a while since I watched it 🙁

    1. Hi Daniel, Thank you for your kind comments about my website! It’s funny that you commented on that particular post because I’m in the process of updating that post as we speak. I’m going to be adding a lot more interesting and exciting new content about John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as I’ve done some more research about them so please come back and visit my website in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content and videos.

      Have a blessed 2016!


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