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“Harmonica Prices”

I’m going to talking about the best harmonica for the price depending on the quality and craftsmanship of the harmonica. Harmonicas range from $10 to $100 or more depending on if it’s a custom harmonica which can be more expensive than a manufacture like Hohner or Lee Oskar or Suzuki these brands have harmonicas that are in the range around $60 but purchased through my website they range around $40 so you save money. Ok less talk about the less expensive harmonicas and the craftsmanship and price of these harmonicas.


A less expensive harmonica would be a Silver Swan diatonic 10-hole harmonica that sells for around $10 with S&H purchased from my website normally around $15. Harmonicas that are less expensive are not airtight which makes them harder to play and you must put more air through them but are still a playable harmonica. It’s all about what you’re looking for in a harmonica and personal choice.

One of my favorite harmonicas and the one I use mostly in my Shows is the Hohner Special 20 Major Diatonic 10- hole harmonica which sells for about $60 but purchased through my website they sell for about $40 you save money again. The Hohner Special 20 is used by Harmonica Great “John Popper” from the (Blues Travelers Band) and other great harmonica players.


The Special 20 is a Quality harmonica that is airtight and easy to play right out of the box and easy to bend notes this harmonica is used in Rock, Country, Blues & Folk music. I prefer the Hohner Special 20 over the Hohner Marine Band because I perform a lot of shows on the beaches of Florida which has salty ocean air which is not good for your harmonicas especially the Hohner Marine Band because it has a wood comb in it which causes swelling and shrinking where the Hohner Special 20 has a plastic comb and can withstand the elements of the weather better than the wood comb. I covered this in an earlier post about the care of your harmonica!  

The Marine Band 1896/20 named for the year it was brought into the harmonica world famous for its twenty reeds this harmonica has been one of the most popular models from Hohner for years. The Marine Band has a wood comb which I mentioned earlier that can swell and shrink so better used indoors than outdoors. Some of the harmonica greats that play this harmonica are Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Little Walter this harmonica is used for Blues and Rock primarily. Over the years Hohner has perfected their craft and introduced several new models that can handle the elements of the weather better such as the Hohner Crossover which has a bamboo comb and is sealed for avoiding moisture which causes swelling and shrinking in the Marine Band. I have an earlier post on Hohner Crossover that you can check out tells you all about the hohner crossover harmonica and all the upgrades that it has and it’s pricing.

Please let me know what you think about the different pricing of harmonicas?

Please let me know what you think about the difference in the qualities of the harmonicas that I talked about?

What kind of price and quality do you prefer in a harmonica?

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