Diatonic Harmonica!

Diatonic harmonica is speaking about the different kinds of single-key harmonicas, that are available other than the chromatic harmonica. Like the Tremolo harmonica, Octave harmonica, and of course the most used diatonic harmonica the Blues harp!

Tremolo harmonica

The harmonica in the picture above is a harmonica with two reeds per note called  the Tremolo harmonica  this is referred to as the “Asia diatonic”

Octave harmonica

There’s the Octave harmonica with a curved look with two reeds per note just as the tremolo harmonica above and tuned with Weiner Octave tuning.

Blues harp

Then there’s the most popular diatonic harmonica the blues harp used in the United States and Europe. These harmonicas are Richter-tuned ten-hole harmonicas that are used in most music from Folk, Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, and Beatbox.

Have you ever heard of a diatonic harmonica?

Have you ever seen a Tremolo harmonica?

Have you ever heard of the Tremolo harmonica called the “Asia diatonic”?

Have you ever seen, or heard of the Octave harmonica?

Have you ever heard of the term Blues harp?

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  1. Hi – just saw your post on WA, and wanted to comment on the site. Great information, pictures, and video! It might make things easier on your guests to make all these titles (Country Blues Harmonica, Paul Butterfield, etc.), on separate pages, rather than making everybody scroll down for miles, especially when some of your best affiliate ads are at the bottom. May God bless you richly today!

    1. Thank you for visiting my website and your kind and constructive comments. I’ll make those changes If I can help you out in anyway please ask me.
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