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I’m going to be talking about country blues harmonica and when it’s used and who uses it. Country Blues is acoustic guitar driven blues accompanied by the harmonica became called (folk blues) and targeted the audience of the white college age population. Then in the 1960s soul, rhythm and blues came on the scene and blues harmonica players like Sonny Boy Williams 11 now became known as folk blues artist. Another country blues harmonica player named “Sonny Terry” performed with a guitar player named “Brownie McGhee” and toured the folk festival circuit calling themselves (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee).

There are a lot of different styles of country blues harmonica just to a name a few would-be Memphis blues, Texas blues, West Coast blues, Swamp blues, Delta blues, Kansas City blues, and hill country blues and more.

Country Blues Harmonica is different from Country Harmonica the difference between the two are that in Country Blues Harmonica you are playing in the “Cross Harp Position” using a lot of lower end bend on the harmonica drawing with your breath on holes 1-6 and in Country Harmonica you’re playing in the “Straight Harp Position” using a lot of melodies and blow notes and your bends are usually at the  upper end of the harmonica holes 7-10 drawing in with your breath I wrote an earlier post on different positions on the harmonica that you can access here>Harmonica Beginners!

Here is a list of a couple of Country Blues harmonica players!

    • Deford Bailey (born December 14th 1899 – July 2nd 1982) he was an early blues country harmonica player from Tennessee.
    • John Cephas (born September 4th 1930- March 4th 2009) He was a singer, guitar player and harmonica player in the Piedmont blues style.
    • Little Buddy Doyle (March 20 1911- ?) he was a Memphis blues style and country blues harmonica player who was a singer, harmonica and guitar player.
    • Sonny Boy nelson (born December 23rd 1908- November 4th 1998) he played a lot of different instruments like the banjo, harmonica, guitar, mandolin and the violin.
  • Here’s a video of “Country Blues Harmonica” that you can hear and see below.

The harmonica being used in this video is a Hohner Marine Band Crossover that you can purchase and see here>Hohner Crossover 

Have you ever heard Country Harmonica?

Have you ever heard of Country Blues Harmonica?

Have ever heard any of the Country Blues Harmonica players I listed?

Have you ever played Country Blues Harmonica?

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  1. Interesting article, I never knew there was a difference between Country Blues Harmonica and Country Harmonica. I bought a harmonica years ago, but haven’t dusted it off for ages!

    Do you have any harmonica for beginners books or articles you can recommend please? I really need to get started again!

    1. Hi Steve, Thank you for your nice comments about my article. To answer your question about beginners books and what kind of harmonica to buy I wrote an article on that you can check out here>Harmonica Beginners!

      Please come back in the future and check out my website as I’m always adding new and exciting content! I hope this helps you out? please let me know if I can help you in anyway in the future.

      Have a blessed day!


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