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“Magic Dick”

 I’m going to talking about one of the most famous blues harmonica players in the world his name is (Richard Salwitz) right now you’re probably scratching your head and saying I never heard of a harmonica player named Richard Salwitz. He’s known to the world as “Magic Dick” and was born in New London, Connecticut on May 13 1945′ which makes him 70 yrs. old now and still he is still currently performing which I have a video of on another post that you can see here> Harmonica Players memories of the past!

Magic Dick is known for his Rock blues Style Harmonica with the “The J. Geils Band” which was put together in 1968’ he met the members of the band while attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts where they were studying technical arts together. Magic Dick was with the J. Geils Band from 1968′ to 1985′ then the band parted ways. Magic Dick combined efforts with co-inventor Pierre Beauregard to create the “Magic Harmonica” which hasn’t gone into production yet. In 2007 Magic Dick toured with the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue put together by legendary blues artist Tommy Castro then added Deanna Bogart, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Magic Dick. They toured on the Blues Cruise a floating blues festival that traveled the Caribbean Islands that featured two dozen of the best blues artists!
Magic Dicks very famous for the song “Whammer Jammer” which you can see here below in this video.

Have you ever heard of Magic Dick the harmonica player?

have you ever seen Magic Dick play the harmonica?

have you ever heard the famous song “Whammer Jammer?”

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  1. Thanks for the thorough set of write ups on everything harmonica! I enjoyed all of them and spent quite a bit of time going through the entire page!

    In addition to the blues harmonica players you went into detail on lessons, more or less expensive choices that are out there for us, and interesting tidbits from top to bottom!

    Really enjoyed this and I have bookmarked to come back again to see what other interesting information may be found here! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Dave, If there’s anything I can do for you please let me know. When you return to my site there will be more I’m still building it. Have a blessed day!


  2. I haven’t listened to much blues but I just looked up “Wammer Jammer” and I can see where Richard Salwits gets his reputation. Thanks for sharing, music is one of the most wonderful things we can share 🙂

    1. Hi Will, Yes Whammer Jammer is one of the greatest Harmonica solos there ever was. Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a nice comment. Please come back in the future more to come and alway adding new things.
      Have a blessed day!

  3. That is an interesting article. I didn’t know that he played in the J. Geils Band. I’ll have to look up and listen to “Whammer Jammer”. I always liked harmonica playing in certain styles of music. They add a bluesy feel to the music. I’ll have to check out some of your other reviews on harmonica players. Nice article!

    1. Hi,Thanks for visiting my website and your kind comments. I’m going to be adding a lot more interesting info. on “Magic Dick” where he came from what he has done in the past and what he is doing now in the present. That was a short post that I wrote but I’m glad you liked it! Please come back to my website in the future as I’m always adding new & exciting content .

      Have a blessed day!


  4. Hi Larry, I love your site! It has a very upbeat fun feeling to it. I haven’t had very much exposure to the harmonica so it was run reading more about it. I can see why Richard was famous for playing the harmonica. Thanks for sharing the Whammer Jammer video!

    1. Hi Misty,

      Thank you for checking out my website and the kind comments that you left. I like your website on Hiking Divas great job! You mentioned Whammer Jammer that’s by far one of the most popular songs that Magic Dick played.

      Please come back in the future and check out my website as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

      Have a blessed night!


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