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I’m going to be talking about a topic that has a lot of different styles of microphones past and present. The one main harmonica microphone I’m going to be talk about is The Vintage Green Bullet this microphone was used mostly for blues playing and was introduced in the 1950s.

One of the first to use this style was Marion Jacobs his birth name know as “Little Walter” the legendary blues player. The Vintage Green Bullet  gave his harmonica a punchy mid-range sound that could be heard over an electric guitar. Back in those days the electric guitar overpowered the harmonica so they needed a way to compete with the electric guitar to be able to hear the harmonica.

So that it didn’t get overpowered by the Drums, Electric Guitar and other instruments in the band. They didn’t have a lot of choices back then on microphones so the one they used on stage was the stand style Vintage Green Bullet. Blues players  found that when they cupped their hands over it that it would produce a deep soulful blues sound that they were trying to create at that time.

Little Walter was known to use this Vintage Green Bullet Mic when performing live. Here’s a picture of “Little Walter” using a stand style Vintage Green Bullet Microphones cupping his hands over it to get that deep soulful bluesy sound that he was trying to produce.

images (11)

I have some pictures below.

1. picture on the left is the Desk Style Vintage Green Bullet

2. The picture on the right side is a Microphone stand style Green Bullet!stock-photo-31939754-vintage-old-green-bullet-microphone-isolated-on-white-background



The Desk Style Vintage Green Bullet Microphone is rarely used in the present times microphones have come a long way since then when they were used.

The Stand Style Vintage Green Bullet Microphone is still being used today.

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