Animals seem to like harmonicas!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

Have you ever seen a animal signing along with a harmonica?

Well not only do I have some cool pictures of  the connection between animals and humans playing along with a harmonica and looking like their really digging it!

But I have personally been playing my harmonica when my dog starts to sing along with me it’s really cool she sounds like she knows the song.  At first I thought it was because of the pitch being so high that it was hurting her ears but I play a low key on the harmonica and she does the same thing.  She stops when I stop and howls and sings when I play! It’s really cool and it doesn’t matter what kind of music I Play whether it’s blues or country or jazz or folk she just sings right along.

Dogs and Cats and other animals are sociable animals and howling or meowing is their way of singing they will imitate sounds they hear. If the sound bothers them they will go and hide but if they’re not hiding then they like and enjoy the music and human company.

I’m sure you have probably seen on YouTube where someone posted a video of them playing the harmonica and there dog is singing along with the harmonica.

Not sure what goes on in that Doggy Head!

I have some examples of some dogs that look like they are really getting into the sound of the harmonica in the pictures below.



as your dog ever sang along with you when playing the harmonica?

Have you ever seen a dog or cat singing along with a harmonica?

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5 thoughts on “Animals seem to like harmonicas!

    1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for checking out my website.People think that when a dog sings along with a harmonica that it hurts there ears because of the pitch. It probably would on the higher notes on a harmonica. But I’ve had dogs sing along on lower notes on the harmonica. I think they just like to sing along.Please come back I’ll be adding alot more good stuff? Have a blessed day!

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