“Amplifiers for Harmonica Microphones”

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

I’m going to show you how you can get the best amp harmonica quality sound from your Microphone, harmonica  and Amplifier when you put all three together! When your talking about amps,  blues amps come in all shapes, colors, styles and prices. Depending on what your looking for and what style. Most harmonica players want to learn the Blues which has a distorted dirty blues sound like you hear from some of the Great Blues Harmonica Players.

Little Walter (Jacobs)

  1. James Cotton
  2. Sonny Boy Williamson
  3. Junior Wells
  4. George “Harmonica” Smith
  5. Paul Butterfield

Just to Mention a Few!

As I was talking about best Amplifiers for Harmonica Microphones!

Here’s some examples!

  1. “Hoodoo Box 5W Harmonica Tube Amp”

images (15)

The Hoodoo Tube Amp is class A, hand wired tube amp combo designed especially for Harmonica Players built to produce the fat distorted tones that come from the electric blues harp sound. This Amp is especially suited to reproduce the entire range of harp tones from growls to soulful wailing….

The Hoodoo Box 5W Harmonica Tube Amp will bring out the best in your harp playing technique as well as your microphone!

  1. 1959 Fender Bassman Tube Amp

download (4)

The 1959 fender bassman tube amp has been the standard for harmonica players ever since we’ve had to deal with loud bands in the 60’s. if you have ever played on a stage then you know important it is to hear enough volume coming from your amp to be able to hear yourself… If you can’t hear yourself then it’s hard to play so with a big amplifier that’s not an issue.

At the start of my post I spoke about tying all three Harmonica, Microphone and Amplifier to get the best quality out of your sound!

Here’s some links to the right Harmonicas and Microphones best suited for this Amplifier!

Click Here…..https://allaboutharmonicas.com/best-harmonica-microphone-review

Click Here……..https://allaboutharmonicas.com/hohner-harmonica-review-plus-harmonica-accessories

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18 thoughts on ““Amplifiers for Harmonica Microphones”

  1. I’m a musician myself but I didn’t know that there were amplifiers especially designed for harmonicas! I noticed that these amplifiers are both tube-powered. The sound they produce must be very warm, an ideal choice to play the blues like the old blues players you name in your article! Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. Hi David, Thanks for the kind comments about my website. When it comes to the fat bluesy distorted sound that most blues harmonica players like to create comes from the Harmonica the Microphone and a the amplifier there using in my post I tied all three of the best harmonica,microphone and amplifier to use to create that Old Bluesy Sound. What instrument do you play? You mentioned you were a musician in your comment.

      Have a blessed day!


  2. Wow, great post. I love harmonicas (played well lol) but had no idea there were amplifiers for them. Im going to have to hunt out some tunes. What, in your opinion,would be the greatest example of amplified harmonica music?
    Great well written post and really interesting. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Jason, I agree with you about a harmonica played well. When I first started playing harmonica 25 yrs. ago I was really bad I had one key A and I played that thing to everything and people would say Shut Up!! that sounds terrible! My reply was I know it does but some day I’ll be good!!! Lol At 64 yrs. old now I perform 4hr. shows with my cousin who plays guitar and sings every weekend on the beaches of florida.

      To answer your question about amplified harmonica music. Blues would probably be the most popular played followed by Country, Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass, Classical and Beat Box. I speak about amplified harmonica music in that post which shows you one of the top of line Blues Amplifiers 1959 Fender Bassman Tube Amp .http://amzn.to/1lPx7Wxthat most great Blues harmonica players use to play through.

      Hope that helps answer your question?

      Please come back to visit my website in the future I’m always adding and updating exciting new content.

      Have a blessed day!


  3. I didnt even know there was such thing as a mic for harmonicas! That’s pretty cool. Are these amps and mics available at commercial stores like Guitar center? I feel like they would! Now not going to lie that fender tube amp looks DOPE! I wish I had something like that for my guitar

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Hi Matt, Thanks for visiting my website and your kind comments on my post. Actually there’s a lot of different microphones that can be used to play a harmonica thru. the one that I currently use is a wireless one which I show and talk about on another previous post on my website called Best Harmonica Microphone Review. Your right that fender tube amp is DOPE! To answer your question yes the mics and amps are available at retail stores but you will pay a lot more. The best and cheapest place to purchase mics or amps are on amazon online. I found you a 1959 Fender Bassman Tube Amp LTD 4×10 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier http://amzn.to/1lxpung

      Hope that helps you out?

      Have a blessed day!


  4. Its actual pretty funny. my 4 yr old daughter was walking around the house playing with one of my old harmonicas. She began asking me questions regarding harmonicas that I didn’t have. long story short I found your website. Its pretty informative, I had no idea that they made amplifiers for harmonicas, now I do. great site keep up the good work

    1. Hi Alfonso, Thanks for visiting my website and all the kind words. That’s awesome that your 4yr old daughter showed interest in one of your old harmonicas. There’s a lot of Great female harmonica players in the world maybe your 4yr.old will be the next! Did you play harmonica or do you play harmonica now? You mentioned one of your old harmonicas so you must have had more than one. What keys were they? I play professionally now at age 64 every weekend on the beaches of florida with my cousin who plays guitar and sings. I’m Blessed!

      Please come back and visit my website in the future I’m always adding exciting informative stuff to my website!

      Have a blessed night!


  5. Hi La1, Thank you for the information about harmonicas. You mention harmonicas like Lee Oscar, Suzuki, Seydel and Huang harmonicas and that these are all very good brand of harmonicas. From your experience can you tell which is the best one out of the three? Thank you again for this information.

    1. Hi Rodney, Thanks for visiting my website and the kind comments you left. To answer your question about which harmonica is the best out of the three I mentioned. Seydel would probably be the best and the most expensive of the harmonicas. All though the Seydel is the only one I don’t have and have never played. Lee Oscar would be next then Suzuki then the Huang harmonicas. I hope that will help answer your question?

      Please come back and visit my website in the future I’m always adding exciting new stuff to my website!

      Have a blessed night!


  6. The Harmonica. I remember when I tried to play the harmonica when I was trying to imitate those wacky kids off the show “The Little Rascals”. It is fun when trying to play. It’s a simple instrument at the same time a complex one. If I want to learn to play and what other accessories I’ll need this is the place to go!

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my website and the kind words you had to say. If there’s anything I can help you with please ask me. Please come back again I’m always adding new and exciting content to my website.

      Have a blessed night!


  7. Hey, Larry! Funny thing that you mention the Bassman ’59. This is such a versatile amp, as it may be used for guitar, bass, harmonica, and everything in between! It’s too bad these are so expensive in Brazil. Is there a cheaper tube alternative that you would consider? Maybe around 300 to 400? I think it doesn’t matter being too small, as the amp can be miced into the PA.

    1. Hi Daniel, Thanks for visiting my website and yes your right about all the uses of the 59 Bassman and the price. You mentioned in your comment about Brazil is that where you live? You asked me if I could recommend a less expensive amp. So I did some research for you and I found a few amps if you like them and want to purchase one you can do that through my website.http://amzn.to/1V9iZmp Please let me know if I can help you in anyway. and check out my website in the future I’m always adding new & exciting content!

      Have a blessed 2016!


  8. WOW this website is amazing and the reason I say that is because I love music and not jus any music but loud music lol but harmonicas do it for me they are my passion so reading this website/blog was very eye opening there are not many people round my area into that kind of thing so its good to know that there are still people out there who are into harmonicas.

    1. Hi Scott, I like the Batman Gravatar Kool! Thanks for visiting my website and your kind comments. I’m 64 now and perform on the beaches of Florida with my partner in a band called Cozmic Cowboyz. That’s Awesome that you love harmonicas do you play? If you need help with anything please ask me.

      Please come back and check out my website in the future as I’m adding new & exciting content all the time.

      Have a blessed Day!


  9. Larry, Thanks for the info on Harmonicas, mics and amps. Very informative. I teach harmonica here in South Eastern Alabama. I love the instrument and believe that it is the easiest instrument to play. I find that most every person has had a harmonica sometime in their lifetime. Last April I had the privilege to teach 120 high school students to play a song in 30 min or less and will try again this April at a old time festival near me. Love what you do and will catch you band someday. Thanks, Tom

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the kind comments about my website especially from a harmonica instructor. That’s really cool that you taught 120 students to play the harmonica in 30 mins that’s impressive. I would love to here some of your stuff if you could send me a link. here’s my band website http://www.reverbnation.com/cozcowboyz
      Have a blessed night!
      Larry or L.A.

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