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Hi my620822_301794969934756_79540583_o name is Larry, Stage name ( L.A.)

I have been interested in harmonicas since I was 5 yrs. old like most kids the first time they see or try to play a harmonica! Now I’m 65 and still interested in harmonicas and still playing them with a whole lot more knowledge now and skills than before. I’ve sat in with over 200 band and have been on over 100 stages I played in Las Vegas for a year with a Rock & Boogie Blues band that played all music original songs put together by Rusty Lee leader of the band. I currently play with my cousin in a band that performs on the beaches in Florida and beach restaurants for the last 13 years. I wear a custom harmonica belt that has a lot of different brands of harmonicas on it for different styles I play depending on the type of music and the songs being played. I have bought and used a lot of different brands of harmonicas and accessories over the years. So I should be able help you out with any questions you might have about harmonicas or playing a harmonica  I am even taking an online course to further my craft and I can direct you to the proper sites to seek the information you might need to purchase a harmonica and deals on harmonicas & accessories or online courses.

” You’re Never too Old to Stop Learning”

Thank you for visiting my website please come back in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content!

Please let me know if I can assist you in anyway?

Here’s a picture of my custom harmonica belt that I perform with in my shows it was made just for me it’s one of a kind!

Larry or ( L. A.)12380490_10208426984171586_1653249287_n


15 thoughts on “About Larry

    1. Hi Captain Cozmo, Thanks for visiting my Website it’s still in the process of being built. How do you like it so far? Please check back later to see the progress.
      Have a blessed day!

  1. Larry AKA. LA Just checking in this is Tom from the hospital stay at VA. TODAY is Sat.the 25th of April are you playing tonight if so where???

    1. Hi Tom, I texed you and E-mailed you on your Phone. I didn’t get this message until after you posted it were playing all over are you still in florida or did you go home already? I hope everything is going well with you & Kathy.

  2. Hi there Larry,

    Wow you’ve been playing Harmonica since you were 5 years old! Before today, I’d never heard of Magic Dick – he’s now my new favourite artist. I’m a Jazz and Blues fan! But I have to say, I don’t typically listen to Harmonica players, so thanks for sharing this information.

    Is your YouTube channel “Larry Harmonica’s Blues Page”? If it is, I watched a couple of the videos – and if that was you, you’re so good. Awesome!!

    1. Hi Gaylene, thanks for checking out my site I started at age 5 and taught myself sat in with a lot of jams and bands from rock, blues, country, gospel, rockabilly I currently have been playing professional for the last 12yrs with my cousin who plays guitar and sings on the beaches of Florida. Larry Harmonica’s blues page is not me but i guess after what you said I’ll have to check Larry out. Lol We play just about every fri, Sat,& Sun. haven’t got any updated videos except me playing at a battle of the band 2016 doing a solo of Marshall Tucker Band “Can’t you See” but it’s on facebook let me think how I can find some music of me.
      Please come back an visit my site in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content!
      Have a blessed day!

    2. I forgot to mention Gaylene that your website is Awesome!! The At Home Ceo! Love it! I saw you like Jazz check out a Jazz blues harmonica player named Carlos Del Junco he’s simply Amazing!!!!!!!
      Have a blessed day!

  3. Hey Larry, this is a great website!! What an inspiration to all harmonica players and those who may show an interest after reading your content!!!
    I have an harmonica… I might just dust it off and start to play it.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for the kind words, you should dust your harmonica off, there very therapeutic, and fun!
      I replied to your private message earlier. Hope it helps you out. If you need anything from me please ask me.
      Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Larry, I am Kats’ sister Donna. Checking out your website. Very nice. Learned a few things. My man, Denis likes to play his harmonica once in a while, when he has time and not too tired. He has a Honer marine and another also that I gave him years ago.
    Not sure what kind , I am sure its a C and not expensive.
    Love your playing , we both enjoyed the ones Kat put up. both the blues and country music, Good stuff !

    1. Hi Donna, It’s nice to meet you Kat told me about you and Denis thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments about my website and my harmonica playing. Hohner marine band are good harmonicas I wrote an earlier post on them called Review on the Original Marine Band harmonica. If there’s anything I can do to help you or Denis with please ask me. If you shop online through Amazon Donna you can click on any of my highlighted text on any post or page and purchase anything from Amazon you want it doesn’t have to be harmonica related I benefit and you benefit by getting it shipped to you at a better price just letting you know encase that can help you. please come back and check out my website in the future as I’m always adding new and exciting content.
      Have a blessed night!

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