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Harmonica Players memories of the past!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

One of my readers liked the earlier post I wrote on Magic Dick the 193300f554fee122b982a85697bfe6edfamous harmonica player but it was a short post  so some more memories of the past and the present on what Magic Dick is up to these days he’s still performing at the age of 70 but with who? I’ll tell you who at the end of my content if you keep reading. Magic Dick was famous for playing harmonica  in the J. Geils band in the 60’s when “Magic Dick” Richard Salwitz was 8 yrs. old he knew that music would be one of his primary interest along with physics and painting. His first instrument was the Trumpet like myself that is what instrument I started with also. In his sophomore year at college he transitioned to the harmonica which he is so famous for then and now. He met the J. Geils band in 1968 at college in 1970 the band recorded it’s first album for Atlantic Records and then toured a lot allowing Magic Dick to jam with harmonica blues greats like Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and James Cotton as the J. Geils band performed for 15yrs with a high energy Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll show they had a sound that set them apart because of the distinctive & innovating harmonica playing of Magic Dick. After the J. Geils Band magic Dick performed as a guest harmonica soloist for Debbie Harri,Patty Smith, Full Circle and the Del Fuegos among others. In the 90’s Magic Dick joined up with members of the J. Geils Band to form the Band Bluestime clickHere..they recorded albums and toured.  Magic Dicks experimenting & searching for new ways and sound to play the harmonica with other music than just blues this led him to the quality & flexibility on the harmonica which helped in the development of the harmonica being played with all kinds of music.  Here’s a memory of the past “Whammer Jammer” 1990’s video! 

I said earlier in my post that I would tell you who Magic Dick is playing with at age 70. Here’s a video of Magic Dick and New Guitar Vocal sensation “Shun Ng”performing a James Brown song  “Pappa’s gotta a brand new Bag”!magicdick-shunng

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More Harmonica Blowin Hell Cat!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

This post is going to be on some more of the Harmonica Blowin HellCat!  Stacie Collins.images (28)

Every show Stacie Collins is “pushing the envelope of” Rock, Blues & Country. She’s a badass harmonica player with the style of the Blues Greats like Little Walter & James Cotton. Stacie is also a singer, songwriter and a harmonica player who plays Lee Oskar harmonicas  she’s backed by a Smokin Rock “n” Roll Band called Jason & the Scorchers! Stacie’s husband plays bass in the band & Stacie sings with her signature “Hard Core Honky-Tonky Wail” and lays down some rock/country licks on her harmonica! Stacie and her husband live in Nashville TN. where she was discovered by a well known promoter named Billy Block who helped her launch her performances in Europe where she tours a lot now. Stacie hears the same thing wherever she performs!


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Harmonica Instrument Blowing Hell Cat!

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

Stacie Collins Born U.S.A.stacie collins (1)

Stacie Collins was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma she was raised in Bakersfield California where two of her Hero’s Merle Haggard and Buck Owens created  their unique harmonies.

Stacie got to meet Buck Owens & Dwight Yoakam on a Golf Course one time  that her mother worked on in Bakersfield California, what are the chances of that!

In this post I’m going to be talking about this new female harmonica instrument player on the scene her hard core “Honky-Tonk Wail” sets her apart and her style is Gut Bucket Blues & Vintage Honky Tonk. Stacie started playing the harmonica at age 30 when she picked one up and started listening to Blues Legends like Sonny Boy Williamson.

When performing Stacie wears a beat up cowboy hat has a rock attitude and a blues harmonica. Her shows are high energy audience entertaining table- jumping, exhilarating rock & roll. Stacie has had late night jams with the likes of ZZ top, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones…..more

Here’s a video of the ” Harmonica Blowin Hell Cat”

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“Women Harmonica Players”

Hello Harmonica Lovers!

I wrote a post on things women like about harmonicas a while back and a reader ask me if there’s any famous women harmonica players? So I researched it and found that there is only a few famous women harmonica players which I’m going to be talking about here in this post.

I’m going to be writing a new post on new and exciting accomplished women harmonica players now!

Willie Mae “Big Mama”  Thornton.  Born 1926 in Ariton, Alabamabigmamathorntonharp USA. Big Mama Thornton as people knew her mostly by that name was a American rhythm & blues singer, songwriter who is still the most well known women player of the blues harp in America. She’s a strong willed women who became a singer, songwriter played Drums and the harmonica. Her father was a Baptist minister and her mother sang in church that’s the first introduction to music that her and six siblings began to sing.  She’s well known for her recorded harp solo on “Big Mama Shuffle”.

Ingrid Berry.  Born 1950 and still performing (Daughter of the Famous Chuck Berry) She’s been performing with her father and as a solo act for many years starting at a early age and still is performing with her father today based out of St. Louis Mo. She is a very powerful singer and a Ingridberryaccomplished harmonica player.  In 1987 there was a famous movie “Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll! where Ingrid Berry played herself.


Grace Brim. She is called the “Queen of the Harmonica”. Born in gracebrim1924  Arkansas USA. One of the only female musicians active in post-war Chicago blues scene. She toured with her husband John Brim all over the U.S. and the World. One of the first recordings    featuring a women on a harmonica was “Strange Man” John Brims recording with Grace Brim performing harmonica. She died in 1999.


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Female Harmonica Players “Now”

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